“I have 700 wigs and numerous jewels” Bobrisky reveals a staggering amount of fashion items in his possession » Naija News 247

Well-known Nigerian transvestite, Idris Okuneye, commonly known as Bobrisky, has made a shocking revelation regarding his fashion sense.

The media personality made it known on Toke Moments, a program hosted by Toke Makinwa. He pointed out his love for wigs and Jews.

According to Bobrisky, he cannot accurately determine the number of wigs he owns. However, Toke Makinwa convinced him to estimate the number and revealed that he owns more than 700 wigs in his residence.

Bobrisky She stated that she changes her jewelry every six months when she gets bored of it and spends more than 40 million naira on this. He said: I love jewelry, in fact, it’s number one on my list.

Why do I regret having fought with Tonto Dikeh” Bobrisky spills out as she opens up to their sour friendship
Ngnews247 reported that Bobrisky recently discussed his fallout with former best friend, Tonto Dikeh.

In an interview with media personality Toke Makinwa for his Toke Makinwa podcast, Bobrisky admitted that he misses the actress.

According to him, he regrets falling out with the controversial movie star, since she was like a sister to him.

He noted how Tonto Dikeh was there for him and supported him during his pre-fame days.

Talking about why they fell out, Bobrisky said that he and Toro are hot-tempered and impatient, so their friendship didn’t last.

Bob claimed that he was the quiet one in the relationship as he saw Toro as a big sister.

“I’m sorry I had a fight with Toro. I miss her so much because she was like my sister. After we fought for 3 months I started to miss her. I missed the fact that she is always there for me. The most reason I missed that friendship was because she was there for me before she made me famous. She doesn’t judge/she doesn’t care and she does her best.

Tonto and I are two impatient people. I was being the quiet one in the friendship because I saw her as my older sister and she was older than me.”

This is not the first time Bobrisky has admitted his feelings for the actress.

“I’m still the baddest in the game,” Bobrisky boasts.

Bobrisky shared a photo on his Instagram page with a boastful caption about his ability to maintain and defend his status as the biggest drag queen in the country.

He wrote: “He’s still the baddest in the game.”

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