Volvo EX90 uses SunLike LEDs to provide illumination close to sunlight for more natural interior lighting –

Volvo has revealed that the EX90 All-Electric SUV uses interior lighting that resembles sunlight in appearance to provide more natural lighting into the vehicle’s cabin.

Called SunLike LEDs and supplied by Seoul Semiconductor, the flicker-free lights complement the panoramic roof and conservatory, and these LEDs allow for a more natural expression of color that goes beyond what is currently achievable with existing LEDs being used in today’s auto industry, says Volvo; these offer low light reflection and a high color index that renders colors as seen in nature.

“By using the spectrum of light emitted by SunLike LEDs, the Volvo EX90’s progressive materials and interior design stand out more clearly and without color distortion. Complementing our wood décor and other natural materials within the cabin, the lights are central to our Scandinavian design language,” said Volvo Cars Director of Color and Materials Dan Fidgett.

The introduction of SunLike LEDs on the Volvo EX90 and the polar star 3 would make Volvo Car Group the first to introduce lights of this type on production vehicles, bringing lighting that has been used in residential spaces, hospitals, schools, museums and horticultural applications.

SunLike LED placements on the EX90 as standard are found in non-decorative applications and are located on the roof, floor, door pocket or trunk of the vehicle. In addition to emphasizing the interior’s aesthetics, SunLike lights also suppress blue light and, in combination with flicker-free light output, help reduce eye strain and headaches associated with such exposure, Volvo says.

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GALLERY: Volvo EX90 2023

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