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Throwing traditional fashion rules out the window (Image: Getty)

Socks and sandals were once the standard holiday uniform for nerdy dads, but you’ll be seeing them in a whole new crowd this summer.

The controversial combination has had something of a rebrand, going from fashion faux pas to celebrity footwear choice.

Celebs like Hayley Bieber and Bella Hadid have been spotted sporting the trend on their days off, while flamboyant tastemaker Kanye West wore gem-encrusted flip-flops with socks at a recent Burberry show.

They’re all over the runway, too, with Chanel, Balenciaga, Miu Miu and Gucci putting their own spin on the couple during fashion month.

The sock revolution is here (Image: Dr Martens)

Such is the shift in public opinion that the hashtag #socksandsandals has amassed over 45 million views on TikTok, proving that traditional fashion standards are no more by 2023.

But hype aside, it can be a tough trend to pull off. Even if you’re tempted by the comfort and cool points of the aesthetic, there are concerns that you’ll stray too far into “stereotypical anorak tourist” territory.

So, to help you rock open-toed tights, the experts at Dr Martens have shared their favorite styling tips.

make socks the moment

Dr Martens socks and sandals

Mesh and netting have the added benefit of being super breathable (Image: Dr Martens)

Vanessa Gros, an employee at the Dr Martens store in Cologne, embraces the combination by making socks the focal point of her look with a pair of bold white mesh numbers.

“I love wearing cute socks under my sandals because it puts the spotlight on the shoes and it looks great,” she says. “This outfit is quite trendy and it was a lot of fun to wear.”

Fishnet and mesh socks are a great way to dip your toe (sorry) into the look, but you can also opt for bold prints and embellishments like pearls or exaggerated ruffles to liven up a more understated ensemble.

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embrace practicality

The reason socks and sandals are synonymous with travel is how practical they are on the go; no rubbing straps or slipping on your feet as you walk.

Lean into this normcore element with chunky walking socks worn with oversized jeans, cargo shorts, flannel shirts, and fanny packs, and add edgier pieces (like TikToker Ella Willis’ chunky belt chain) to offset the vibe. of hiker.

Your outfit will not only be on-trend, but you’ll also be ready for everything from picnics in the park to more adventurous adventures.

Lean on the contrast in black and white

Dr Martens socks and sandals

Choose all-black socks and sandals for an instantly chic outfit (Image: Dr Martens)

If you struggle with color, black sandals with white socks are always a winner.

Keeping your footwear monochrome ensures that your clothing remains the star of the show, just make sure your socks are bright, white as new or they may look dirty.

Dr Martens experts recommend changing up the look with white sandals paired with black socks, or go subtle with an all-black colorway.

A spokesperson said: “Keep the outfit fresh and light with all shades of white and beige in your fit and pair it with black mules from Jorge and black socks to complete the look.”

Combine your socks with your aesthetic

Blindly following trends is a sure way to end up a fashion victim, so it’s important to make sure your socks and sandals are consistent with your aesthetic.

Dr Martens highlights this TikTok, where Claudia Maria Bailey dons pastel pink socks that perfectly match her top, creating a casual look ideal for transitioning between seasons.

Complementary colors are an easy way to make an outfit flow, but they don’t have to be too matching. If you tend to wear flowers, for example, opt for girly ruffled socks, or if you lean more towards the gothic end of the spectrum, why not try Wednesday-style striped thigh-highs?

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To make a declaration

Dr Martens socks and sandals

Business up, party down (Image: Dr Martens)

You can also dress up your socks and sandals for the office, and yes, we are serious.

All it takes is a little creativity, as in the case of Dr Martens Cologne employee Naro Sae-Sia. He opted for formal black shorts alongside an oversized blazer, adding a host of accessories to finish the fit.

Your workplace may frown on going shirtless, but you can take the idea and turn it into SFW: think tailoring, staple pieces like T-shirts in luxe materials and Oxford shirts.

don’t think too much

Confidence is key in life, and kicking off your socks and sandals is all about knowing you look great.

As TikToker Ebony Maii shows in her test video, chunky leather sandals can go with anything if you’re brave enough, from Y2K denim midi skirts to good ‘jeans and a nice top’ outfits.

Alternatively, a slider adds a sportier edge, while Birkenstocks are more casual and dainty strappy styles are polished and a bit more grown-up.

“Most looks tend to work with or without socks,” adds the Dr Martens team, so you can play around and take them off whenever you feel self-conscious.

Walk proudly and let naysayers know you’re controlling the balance between style and sensibility.

This is a double act of tailoring that isn’t going anywhere fast, so you can either buckle up for the ride or be left behind.

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