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Ariana Madix, Tom Sandoval and Howie Mandel.
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not have it ariana madixfriend of jared lip comb struck Thomas Sandoval for making a joke about cancer during his bombshell interview with howie mandel.

“My blood is boiling. What a fucking cowardly king. How dare he?” the makeup artist said in an Instagram video on Wednesday, April 12. “I don’t care if it’s a bad joke, fuck you. You’re a coward. You’re weak, and to compare what the people spend on radiation during treatment [to Scandoval]? Fuck you, coward. You are scum.

Lipscomb was referring to a portion of Sandoval’s interview on Tuesday, April 11, on the “Howie Mandel Does Stuff” podcast. At one point, the comedian, 67, told the bartender, 40, that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” referring to the aftermath of his split from Madix, 37, and his romance. with raquel leviss.

“Like radiation,” Sandoval quipped in response, before immediately backing off. “I’m just kidding, it’s a bad joke.”

Mandel agreed, adding: “Yes, it was a bad joke.”

Lipscomb, who was diagnosed with leukemia in 2019, was particularly outraged by Sandoval’s comments. “I’m so disgusted with this video and the little joke from him,” he continued on Wednesday. “I had 12 rounds of radiation. I thought that was going to kill me.”

The screenwriter went on to say that he hadn’t “wanted to say much about the scum” since word broke Sandoval had a months-long affair with the 28-year-old Leviss. “I’m focusing on the positive of my amazing friend, who was actually by my side along with so many other friends during my cancer journey,” Lipscomb told followers before criticizing the TomTom co-owner for his lack of support. “The only two times this son of a bitch showed up was when there were cameras around. So fuck you.”

Ariana Madix and Jared Lipscomb

Lipscomb also called out Sandoval for her “victim mentality”, calling her “pathetic” and saying that she knows young children with more emotional strength. “Fuck you, Tom Sandoval,” Lipscomb concluded. “I can’t even believe he considered you a friend.”

Us Weekly confirmed on March 3 that the Schwartz & Sandy co-founder and Madix had called it quits after nine years together following the revelation that Sandoval was having an affair with his Vanderpump Rules co-star Leviss.

Earlier this week, Sandoval told his side of the story on Mandel’s podcast, claiming that he initially broke up with his Fancy AF Cocktails co-writer in February. He also alleged that he and Madix had been having problems since last year.

“Our communication was not very good,” the Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras frontman told Mandel. “I feel like that’s both of our faults. This past year especially, we have both been dealing with a lot of anxiety and depression. We handle it very differently.”

The Missouri native also blamed a lack of sexual intimacy for the problems in his relationship with Madix. “My confidence was destroyed,” he said before describing what a partner might have expected of him during this period. “Your sexual experience with me would be maybe a 19 year old. [on] his second time. She no longer had mojo, no game. That was what I felt reduced to.”

Madix has yet to comment publicly on his ex’s claims, but his Pump Rules co-stars didn’t hesitate to call him in for the interview. Lala Kent she took issue with the fact that Sandoval named her as one of the people using the scandal as “content” for her podcasts.

“I benefited from me saying funny things, okay?” Give Them author Lala, 32, said Tuesday in an Instagram story. “And also, by the way, I benefited from my own damn angst. What makes you think I’m not going to profit from yours?

jax taylorwho exited Pump Rules in December 2020, also accused her former co-star of “playing the victim” during the reunion.

“He hasn’t acknowledged anything, he’s justifying everything,” she said during an appearance Tuesday on Access Hollywood’s digital series Housewives Nightcap. “I mean, that’s not a man in my opinion. If you’re man enough to do what you’ve done, you should be man enough to own up to what you’ve done and at least have some empathy and apologize to Ariana.”

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