Overwatch 2 will probably polish Lifeweaver soon

supervision 2 The newest hero, Lifeweaver, will likely turn a buff soon, game director Aaron Keller suggested. Keller tweeted about the Season 4 hero this week, saying the hero has a few changes on the way, changes that will be “most likely a benefit” in between any other tweaks he’s making. surveillance 2 team has planned. Apparently some of those changes also have to do with the hero control scheme, which has been met with some frustration from players who find it difficult to deal with the many hero inputs compared to other characters who have more assignments. simple.

Keller, the developer who often writes blog posts talking about the state of the game and where the team wants to take it in the future, tweeted about Lifeweaver this week, saying the team will continue to collect data on the hero this weekend at to inform them about what benefits the character might need.

“The team will continue to collect Lifeweaver performance data over the weekend and should have details on the balance changes (most likely an improvement) sometime next week.” Keller said on Twitter. “Information on upcoming changes to the control scheme should also arrive next week.”

The issues with Lifeweaver’s control scheme stem largely from the weapon management aspect of the hero, where players have to switch from healing to damage, an action that isn’t as straightforward compared to other supports like Moira that have both more readily available options. Players have also suggested that his healing output is lower than it should be. Lifeweaver certainly heals his teammates as one of his main ways of helping them out, but he’s much more utility focused compared to others with his Petal Platform ability getting heroes up into the air and Life Grasp move that pushes enemies away. danger teammates. .

Whatever the verdict on Lifeweaver, we can expect more on this from Keller, either via Twitter or a blog post on the surveillance 2 site in the next week or so.


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