Imposters are coming to what golf? With the new crossover of Among Us

Triband have announced a collaboration with Innersloth to bring a new Among Us crossover to What the Golf?

The Among Golf content update is available to play now on mobile devices via Apple Arcade, with a release for PC and Nintendo Switch at a later date. The crossover will feature 35 “totally crazy” Among-Us-inspired levels set on a space station, featuring the impostors and crewmates in the style of the 2019 indie game.

A new trailer shows off a variety of space levels, filled with familiar Among Us mechanics, like the ventilation system. The clip shows the crew members sabotaging the player by blocking and altering the course of the golf ball.

Betrayals, vending machines, space rockets, UFOs, vents, cats, and other loosely related items will also be featured. It seems that Among Golf will also include a way for the player to kick crew members out into space if they wish, similar to the voting system in Among Us.

“You know that feeling when you love a game so much that you start creating levels in your own game about it?” said Tim Garbos, creative director of Triband. “That’s normal, right? It’s a cool, normal thing to do. Right? Anyway, we’re very grateful to Innersloth for being too uncomfortable to say no after saying please several times. I love those guys! Very sweet. We hope players will enjoy the new Among Us-inspired levels of What the Golf? that aren’t really about golf yet.”

Among Us developer Innersloth has previously collaborated with various game studios, most recently with Bungie, to coincide with the release of the Destiny 2 Lightfall expansion. The crossover featured Destiny 2-themed cosmeticswhich was also released along with a new update.

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