How to Get Recall Glove in Slap Battles – Repressed Memories Badge! – Try the hard guides

In Slap Battles, a Roblox game, players engage in chaotic slap fights using different gloves that possess unique abilities, including passive and activated effects. If you’re having trouble acquiring the Suppressed Memories Badge and Retrieval Gauntlet, this is the right place to seek help!

How to get the recovery glove

To get the Recovery Gauntlet in Slap Battles, you and another player must equip the Reverse Gauntlet (5500 Slaps) and enter a normal Arena. Use the Reverse Glove ability and then slap yourself. There is a chance that you will be teleported to a temple.

Some things you may want to keep in mind before going to the temple:

  • Your current slap count (found on the leaderboard)
  • Amount of players on the server (Found on the leaderboard)
  • Color of the text of your chat (Write in the chat)

Once you are in the temple, talk to the NPC that looks exactly like your character. Once you follow some prompts, you will be asked some questions that you will need to answer accurately.

The questions may not be in this order, it seems to be somewhat random!

How old is your account in days?

To find out, you’ll first need to head over to your profile on your device. Look for the Join Date section in About Us, which will tell you when you first signed up for Roblox. Now, go to Google and type the following: “how many days have passed since YOUR SIGN-UP DATE”. Be sure to put YOUR date of entry and not mine. Once you enter that into the search, you should get the number of days listed at the top.

What is the chance of getting bob from the replica?


What glove can’t you hit when it’s gone?


Did you forget that you suppressed your memories?


Which glove exactly has 9750 slap requirements to unlock?


How many players were present on this server when you were sent here?

Select the correct number based on the options. You can count them on the leaderboard before you get this question.

How many slaps do you have?

Select the correct number based on the options. This number is visible on the leaderboard prior to receiving this question.

If 1=3, 2=3, 3=5, 4=4, 5=4, what does 6= mean?


When was Slap Battles first released on Roblox?


Who ultimately controls this kingdom?


How many glove stands are there in Slap Battles right now?


What is the name of the Glitch gauntlet insignia?

01010010 01010101 01001110

Do you know who I am?

a forgotten memory

We’ll play simon says at the end. Do you understand?


What color is your name in Roblox chat?

The options for this choice are as follows:

  • Brilliant Violet (Purple)
  • Khaki (reddish orange)
  • Dark green
  • bright orange

Simon says Guess this and say it. What did he have four fingers and a thumb but he is not alive?

Type “Glove” in the chat.

Simon Says jumps off the map to collect your reward

Jump off the map as long as simon says.

You can see the Recall Glove in action in the video below.

More glove guides

If you want to get more gloves, we have a bunch of guides to help you get them!

We hope this guide helped you get the Recovery Glove and Repressed Memories Badge in the game. For more great content, head over to the Slap Battles section of our website.

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