Claims that Duffuor parted ways with NDC are baseless, malicious and perverse: campaign team

A member of Dr. Kwabena Duffuor’s campaign team has dismissed claims pushed by some inside the National Democratic Congress (NDC) that he needs a sizeable number of delegate votes to form a new political party.

The alleged claims that Duffuor’s team have suggested are unfounded, malicious, perverse and only aimed at angering a respected man in Ghanaian politics who has the meekness of former President John Atta Mills, who led the NDC into the victory in the 2008 elections.

In an exclusive interview with a member of Duffuor’s campaign team, Solomon Nkansah, he points out that reports of the former governor breaking with the NDC to form a political party are unfounded and his detractors have spewed pure hate at delegates.

“Within the delegate fronts, there are discussions about the Dr. trying to secure a certain vote and establish a party with him. First of all, I want to say to the delegates that they are being insulted… they are taken for granted, they are seen as electoral machines. People are saying that Dr. Duffour should not be given votes, if he gets enough votes he will break away to form his own party. It’s one of the inferior communist tactics they’re pulling,” he lashed out.

“They have realized that the message of the man cannot be debated, the style and approach of the man are different. Their approach has characteristics like the late Mills but enhanced, so they have no strategy to combat his campaign message, so they resort to a perverse campaign message that Duffuor is seeking 30% of the vote to establish a party because it is being sponsored by the nuclear power plant”

Dr. Kwabena Duffuor, former Chairman John Mahama and former KMA Mayor Kojo Bonso are in heated competition for the position of NDC standard-bearer to lead the party in 2024.

Delegates will need to choose one of the three to lead the Party to victory after the NDC failed to win the presidency on two consecutive occasions in 2016 and 2020.

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