ACT government introduces new landmark registration rules for classic cars

Classic cars in Canberra can now be driven up to 60 days a year, for less than $100 a year, following changes to the territory’s historic vehicle registration rules.

Classic car owners with club permits in the Australian Capital Territory have been given more freedom to drive their vehicles year-round, after the local government brought its regulations in line with those already in place in other jurisdictions.

Since 1985, ACT’s Veteran, Antique and Historic (VVH) concessional registration scheme has enabled vehicle owners who are 30 years and older to access cheaper annual registration costs, albeit with strict conditions on when they can be driven. the cars.

Previously, the registration scheme required owners to equip their classic cars with a specific number plate reflecting their status as a VVH vehicle, while travel was also limited to no more than 3,000 kilometers per year, making ACT in the only Australian jurisdiction to include a distance-based vehicle. cap in its concession registry.

As of April 3, 2023, the ACT distance-based limit has been replaced by a day-based limit, allowing cars registered under the VVH scheme to be driven up to 60 days per year, excluding days when they are driven to and from official cars. club events

In addition to the amount of time owners can drive their classic cars, the new changes allow the use of standard number plates on vehicles with historical registration, while modified vehicles can apply for the dealership scheme for the first time.

A full year of registration and mandatory third-party insurance for VVH vehicles at ACT costs $99.10, significantly less than the standard annual registration price that ranges from $837.80 to $1,128.30, depending on the weight of the car.

In a press release, ACT Transport Minister Chris Steel said the new regulations were developed after consultation with the ACT Motor Club Council, the parent body for the 75 car and motorcycle clubs recognized by the Canberra government.

“The key purpose of this enhanced scheme is to support the Canberra motoring community with discounted registration for older vehicles that people use on a limited basis as a hobby,” Steel said in a press release.

“This scheme recognizes that these cars are not driven every day and that we should not penalize enthusiasts who own additional VVH vehicles by charging full registration.

“Canberra has a passionate community of car lovers with around 2,400 vehicles currently registered under VVH agreements, with more vehicle types to be included in the scheme we are sure we will see some exciting cars and motorcycles on our roads including some previously recorded. interstate.”

All Australian jurisdictions offer historic vehicle registration or club permits, although conditions vary from state to state.

The updated ACT day-based club permit scheme reflects limits that already exist in New South Wales and the Northern Territory, although only classic cars in the national capital can also be modified and take advantage of the cheaper registration.

While the minimum age for a car and the conditions under which it can be driven with a club permit vary from state to state in Australia, all jurisdictions have common requirements for historic registration to be approved.

Classic car owners applying for a club permit must be members of a government-recognized car club in their region, while also keeping a log book in the vehicle to document their movements between events.

See below for a full list of minimum age requirements, travel limits and costs for club permits/historical registrations in Australia.

state/territory Minimum age of the vehicle Annual days of use (outside of club events) 12 month registration fee (car only)
New south Wales 30 years 60 days $96 (first year, $47 after)
Victory 25 years 45/90 days $121.80/$197.90
queensland 30 years N/A $191.90
western australia 30 years 30 days 75 percent discount on standard registration
south australian 25 years 90 days $85
tasmania 30 years 104 days $169.15
Australian Capital Territory 30 years 60 days $99.10
Northern Territory 30 years 60 days $111

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