Stranded as: Tesla Model X stuck driver mercilessly mocked on social media

A Tesla Model X driver who got his axle stuck in the sand in Queensland has been killed on social media for mistaking his SUV for an SUV.

tesla Drivers have again been reminded that while they may consider their electric vehicles a step above the competition, they are not above the laws of physics.

photos of a Tesla model X shaft stuck deep in the sand on a Queensland beach last weekend has spread like wildfire on social media, starting with the Facebook page I got stuck on Bribie Island.

While hardcore four-wheel drive owners were quick to weigh in on the dilemma, the stranded driver even got a sprinkling from other Tesla owners.

“Why the hell does this keep happening?” wrote a commenter on a Tesla Facebook forum, expressing a sense of shame over the incident.

“Oh gosh, he doesn’t deserve (a Tesla Model) X. I’ll take it!” wrote another.

Some Tesla forum commenters were even more brutal than this in their assessment of the stranded Tesla Model X.

“There are some missing electrons in the brain area,” wrote one commenter, followed by others like “Clown it’s not a 4WD” and “Can’t help but be stupid.”

Another Facebook commenter uploaded a meme: “So that level of stupidity exists.”

“I have no intention of driving my Tesla on a dirt road and I don’t understand why anyone would drive a Tesla in the sand,” added another.

However, a more level-headed voice on the Tesla forum shared a more detailed explanation.

“Seems like something we should talk about. Since so many know so little about their vehicle. (All Wheel Drive) is not the same (Four Wheel Drive). Driving on soft sand requires lower tire pressures and the ability to re-inflate them later.

“As a regular to Fraser, Bribe and Stradbroke Islands, we have a vehicle for that purpose and have had to rescue my
share of (vehicles with all-wheel drive) before.

“Team Tesla. Stay off the beach. Some will say that’s ok. But you just don’t respect others, you’re not charging
recovery kit, no inflation/deflation kit, you’ll be in trouble.

“And you will generally block (the path of) others who have done the right thing.”

The detailed response also noted that the Tesla Model X is a “big road car, not an off-road vehicle.”

“There have been several Teslas stuck over Easter weekend. And yes, others (gas-powered four-wheel drives got stuck too). But this is a Tesla forum and we just don’t belong (to the soft sand).

“I’ll congratulate those ‘doing it all the time’ now. (But) they can and should be very different concepts.”

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