ICE Mortgage Technology’s Simplifile Supports eRecording in Over 2,400 Counties

simplify by ICE Mortgage Technology electronically connect people, technologies and data in the real estate transaction to streamline your workflows. From pre-closing to post-closing, ICE Mortgage Technology offers electronic services that save time and money compared to traditional methods of document management and communication.

Specifically, Simplifile is an electronic document and collaboration platform that helps simplify the process of sending, tracking, and managing real estate documents. Solutions featured as part of Simplifile include eRecording, eSign Events, Collaboration and Post-Closing, and Document Builder.

eRecording allows users to save time and money by registering all their documents online with the largest eRecording network in the country. After county review and approval, the documents are quickly sealed and recorded for the public record. eRecording ensures that documents are recorded accurately and in a timely manner, reducing the risk of errors or fraud and maintaining compliance with county and GSE requirements.

eSign Events is a simple and easy-to-use experience to sign and certify documents electronically. With eSign Events, a notary can facilitate the electronic signing of documents, including notarialization in ink with the borrower’s electronic signature (hybrid), electronic notarization in person (IPEN), and remote online notarialization (RON). eSign Events also supports non-notary packages.

Consumers expect a fast, secure, and convenient way to manage their real estate transactions. The eSign, RON, and IPEN features on the eSign Events platform facilitate this, as well as supporting electronic signing on mobile devices. It is essential to know if a state or county will accept electronically notarized documents. Using eEligibility data from Simplifile, eSign Events provides insight into eNotary acceptance and notarization flexibility at the county level.

Simplifile Collaboration and Post Close also facilitates secure collaboration between the lender and the settlement agent on documents and data disclosure before, during, and after the closing transaction. Features such as automated delivery of recorded documents and final recording fees, and transparency in the recording process eliminate communication delays and data discrepancies.

And Simplifile Document Builder digitizes your maintenance workflow by combining document creation and processing in one place. Users can take advantage of the included lien assignment and release templates or have custom templates made from their own forms that can be electronically signed, notarized, and filed on paper or electronically.

The Simplifile platform provides access to a full audit trail of every action taken on the loan and all data is safely backed by the platform’s high security standards, fully encrypted.

“The size and reach of Simplifile’s settlement agent and electronic recording network, coupled with our ease of implementation and elite customer service, drive users to select our products and services over others in the industry,” he said. Nancy Alley, vice president of product strategy at ICE. Mortgage Technology.

Overall, Simplifile’s services and solutions improve the efficiency, security, and transparency of real estate transactions by digitizing and automating many of the manual processes involved in managing and recording documents. The platform saves users time and reduces errors and costs attributed to traditional paper-based methods. Additionally, Simplifile alleviates inefficiencies in communication and document sharing between settlement agents and lenders.

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