GameStop employee reportedly fired for leaking a Zelda-themed switch

A GameStop employee was reportedly fired after posting about The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom OLED Nintendo Switch system before your announcement. The now-former employee leaked details of the special edition system just before Nintendo officially announced it on March 28.

according to a Kotaku report, the now-former employee, Mike (who requested that the publication not use his last name), was initially suspended for dripping the Zelda switch early, before it was cancelled. When Mike left for work on April 11, the store manager fired him and, he claims, said “off the record” that Nintendo requested that the leaker be fired.

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Mike said that he was unaware that leaking the system on social media was against GameStop’s policies and that he was simply trying to give the community a heads up to allow people to pre-order the system as soon as it went live. March. Historically, pre-order certain special edition items at GameStop has caused trouble for clients due to allocation restrictions and other issues.

On April 11, Mike took Reddit to share that he had been fired and said, “I wish you all were able to get your change pre-orders as now I won’t be able to get mine.”

GameSpot has reached out to Nintendo for comment; neither Nintendo nor GameStop have yet to address the situation.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom opens May 12while the special edition Switch OLED system will launch on April 28. final trailer has now been released, with conclusions including new hope for traditional dungeons and hot ganondorf (whom we think he is 10 feet tall).

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