Final Fantasy XVI State Of Play Showcases Real-Time Combat And World Exploration

PlayStation and Square Enix have shown 20 minutes of gameplay from final fantasy 16, highlighting combat and world exploration. State of Play focused on combat from Final Fantasy XVI, some of the story and side content, and the massive Eikon fights.

This new video showcased the real-time action combat, which is relatively new to the franchise. Clips were shown of Clive, the main character, fighting enemies on the ground, as well as battles where you control the Eikon, the game’s mass summon. All the action is in real time and Clive will learn a lot of different abilities and attacks from the different Eikons around the world, allowing players to tailor the combat to their own play style. These skills can be found in a huge skill tree, which allows you to reset those skills at any time and even let the game choose your skills for you.

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Massive Eikon vs. Eikon fights can play out in a number of different ways, with one shown with a third-person shooter sequence and others that feel similar to an all-out wrestling match. Square Enix said that each Ekion battle would feel unique and would be based on the Eikons’ specific fight.

To explore the world, players can travel to different locations via a world map, which will be updated with new and evolving areas as the game progresses. Square Enix said that players can use the map and travel at any time, allowing freedom similar to that of a fully open-world game.

Square Enix showed off Cid’s Hideaway, a special area unlocked later in the game, where players can buy new weapons and armor, make upgrades to the blacksmith, and train in a special area, where they can score high on a world ranking. This area is also where you choose a series of side quests and have access to a full list of available quests. A Hunt Board allows a Moogle to provide information on special monsters that it can bounty hunt for rewards.

Square Enix shared some details about the game and its structure, including that the game is largely divided into three periods in Clive’s life: his teens, his 20s, and his 30s. There will be a flashback sequence, showing how Clive came to control an Eikon. As previously announced, any member of the squad that joins Clive will fight independently in combat, so players will only need to focus on controlling one character, though general instructions can be given to the dog companion.

Japanese music artist Kenshi Yonezu was revealed to have composed the theme song for Final Fantasy XVI. Square Enix said it would have even more information to share before launch. You can read more about the combat changes and the transition to an action RPG at GameSpot’s final fantasy xvi trailer. Pre-ordering the game from Target can also get you a $10 gift card. Final Fantasy XVI launches on June 22 on PlayStation 5.

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