The Inner Mob Affected Us In 2020 Polls: Upper East NPP Chairman

The chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Upper East Region, lawyer Anthony Namoo, believes the party lost the parliamentary seats it won in the region’s previous general election due to what he describes as an internal mob.

He says there were machinations within the party that prevented the party from keeping its seats and even adding additional seats.

“It is unfortunate that in 2020 we were unable to fulfill our mandate, largely due to our own actions. Our nemesis has not always been the NDC. we have been ourselves. We keep saying you can’t get a candidate [easily]It is a compromise that we have to reach. Nobody is the best. You bring your strength, I bring my strength, and someone else brings theirs, and then we all push one person. This is the foundation of our party,” he told Bolgatanga-based A1 Radio.

For him, what happened in 2020 should serve as a great lesson to avoid similar mistakes as the party approaches its internal elections.

“I want to use your medium to appeal that we do it again. We are reaching the period and if in 2020 we did not learn a great lesson, [we should have by now]. I’m sure by now, some people are saying, if only I had known. Look at Pusiga, the gap used to be around 8,000, and the number of times I’ve visited that constituency and worked so hard to get him to lose by 63, we gave it to the NDC. The NDC never won Pusiga and so many other constituencies.”

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