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Shirin David is an Iranian-born German web person and singer who has earned a large following through her music and social media presence. Born on April 11, 1995 in Hamburg, Germany, Shirin David grew up in a family of Iranian immigrants and began her music career through her YouTube channel.

Although she initially had no intention of becoming a singer, Shirin David began posting cover songs on YouTube and soon gained a large following due to her spectacular voice and distinctive style. Over time, she began to write her own songs and in 2015 she released her first single “Du liebst mich nicht”, which was a huge hit in Germany and helped her get a Common Music record.

Since then, Shirin David has released a series of hit singles including “Gib ihm”, “Brillis” and “Hoes Up G’s Down”. He has also collaborated with other popular artists such as MaĆ®tre Gims and Xavier Naidoo. In addition to her music career, Shirin David is known for her social media presence, where she has thousands and thousands of followers on platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

Throughout her career, Shirin David has been recognized for her distinctive way and her ability to fuse different genres of music, including pop, rap, and R&B. She has also been recognized for her dedication to issues such as gender equality and the fight against racism and discrimination.

In short, Shirin David is a German singer and web person who has gained a huge following due to her music and social media presence. Her distinctive shape and her dedication to things important to her have made her one of her tech’s hottest artists.

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