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Time to spice up that T-shirt and jeans (Image: ASOS/Calvin Klein/Claire’s/Getty/WARNER BROS)

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It’s 2023: dressing up like a Mattel doll isn’t just for girls.

Barbiecore is not a new concept, and neither is Kencore.

Ever since the world first found out about the next Barbie movie, the internet has been on fire, and the latest trailer has fanned those flames into a bonfire.

And with summer just around the corner, our wardrobes are crying out for some colorful fun like Ken.

Gloria Yasein, FINDS trend expert, tells “If there’s one thing we’re taking away from this trend: don’t settle for the trusty jean and top combo this spring/summer.”

Emily Stott, ambassador stylist for Stitch Fix UK, adds that Ken’s look is less about pink than Barbie’s and more about pastels in general “with hints of sugary hues and fluro-neons in masculine silhouettes.”

“The male doll created by Mattel has its own style, so it doesn’t surprise me that Kencore is becoming a trend,” he adds.

“Perfectly in line with his girlfriend, Ken’s wardrobe certainly doesn’t fall short of fun and whimsy. Similar to Barbiecore, Kencore is all about big, bold and bright looks.’

In fact, as Emily also points out, it’s nice to see menswear borrowing from a feminine trend rather than the other way around for a change.

“On the runways,” she adds, “masculine looks have been softened with a subtle hint of traditional femininity: consider the popularity of sweater vests and pearl necklaces in 2022. Harry Styles anyone?

“Kencore fits right in with this, teasing a fresh take on the less conservative and restrictive silhouettes that encourage men to dabble in edgy, edgy outfits.”

So how can the aspiring ‘just Kens’ get the look?

How to channel your inner Ken

For those just looking to dive into the trend rather than jump right in, Emily has some advice:

  • Silhouette and shape. Traditionally, men’s fashion is tailored and restrictive. Ditch tradition and look for looser shaped items to feel a little more relaxed, fresh and most importantly comfortable.
  • Crazy monochrome. Dab into different shades of pastel tones for a put-together take on the trend. Why not try a pastel pink blazer with a pink t-shirt from A-Frame and Jack & Jones?
  • Add accessories. Accessories are a great way to get into the toy box – the options are endless. Pick up some flashy, statement sneakers, bright-rimmed sunglasses, or a fun-sized satchel—it’s Ken-tastic.
  • Playful patterns. Patterns make this trend easy to master by opting for neutral pieces with bright accents woven into a print.
  • Complementary colors. Simple but effective, combine two colors from opposite sides of the color spectrum. Here’s a simple and easy trick for experimenting with your dopamine dressing, whether it’s a pink T-shirt with khaki cargo pants or bright blue jean jeans with a tangerine-hued shirt.

Emily tells us: ‘Don’t be afraid! When you try a new trend, make sure it works with your style, so you can feel more confident. Embody Ken’s carefree and bold fashion attitude, and you’ll feel great in whatever you put on.

“From bleached jeans to a sleeveless sweater to a skinny white T-shirt, there’s an opportunity for everyone to feel a little Ken this spring/summer.

‘It’s a chance to ditch the classic ‘jeans and white t-shirt’ and put on a fun outfit with a twist.’

“If you’re looking for striped outfits and hot pink camisoles to get the look, a simple search of the online marketplaces will suffice,” says Gloria. “You’ll be going down the rabbit hole of some wild ’80s and ’90s gems that will become staples in a fun, vibrant wardrobe that Ken (and Barbie) would totally approve of.”

Do you want to buy the look?

ASOS DESIGN genuine leather jacket with tassels

Pastels are important in this trend, but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid black like the plague. This Biker Ken moment is perfect for those who don’t want to fill their wardrobe with only bright colors.

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BDG Powder Blue Corduroy Shorts

BDG Powder Blue Corduroy Shorts

If you want shorts, the shorter the better. This dusty blue pair will look great with a pink tank top and shirt.

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Gianni Feraud double-breasted blazer

Gianni Feraud double-breasted blazer

Remember that pastel pink blazer Emily was talking about? Here is a small option for you.

Shop now at asos for £72.00

ASOS Design deep bow relaxed shirt in crochet lace

ASOS Design deep bow relaxed shirt in crochet lace

You’re hitting the Malibu Kencore—just pair it with some pastels, inline skates, and/or denim shorts, and you’re good to go.

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