Pricing: Government understands requests to set a floor price, but wants to avoid interfering – Loke –

The government says it is exploring the requests that have been made to determine a minimum price for ride-sharing services, but seeks to remain committed to its current policy of not interfering with prices. The star reports.

According to Transport Minister Anthony Loke, while the ministry understands the request from ridesharing drivers, it also believes that the existing dynamic pricing system should remain in place. “Drivers want this (minimum price) enforced so that every trip they make is worthwhile, but if this is implemented, consumers will face higher prices,” he said.

However, he said drivers should not be allowed to operate at a loss and their well-being should also be looked at. “This is something we need to consider, and discussions are still ongoing,” she said.

Loke said this in response to questions from reporters about Grab Drivers Malaysia Association (GDMA) Vice President Mohd Azril Ahmad’s call for discussions between the concert industry and the government. Mohd Azril had called for a minimum price to be set for services provided by rideshare drivers and delivery drivers.

In February, the association had expressed its dissatisfied with the latest rate revision made by Grab, which reduced distance charges from 70 sen to 25 sen per km. The company said this was balanced by increasing time charges from sen 20 to sen 43 per minute, and that its driving partners would benefit from the new rates as they would be paid more during peak hours, even for shorter distances due to to traffic. .

However, Grab drivers were reportedly dissatisfied with the adjustment, saying it would result in a 65% drop in earnings per kilometer. They added that congestion is rare and mostly occurs only in KL and Selangor.

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