Netflix Wednesday Season 2: Meet the Extended Cast of the Addams Family Universe

Netflix Wednesday Season 2: The world of the Addams Family gets bigger (and scarier) with Wednesday. In the drama YA (the first four episodes are directed by executive producer Tim Burton), the eldest daughter of the ghoulish brood, played by Gen Z horror standout Jenna Ortega, has left her family’s spooky mansion for the halls of Nevermore Academy, a school with occultism. her own secrets.

In her new academic haven, teenage Wednesday meets a cast of characters from all corners of the supernatural world. She thinks of werewolves, mermaids, psychics, vampires, and many more creatures that leap in the night. But fear not. We’ve got your complete guide to all the normies and outcasts waiting for you at Wednesdaythe stars explained, along with co-showrunners and executive producers Miles Millar and Alfred Gough.

So fix your pigtails and dive in like hungry piranha swimmers. Wednesday It’s already been renewed for Season 2, so you’ll want to memorize these faces like you’re preparing for Nevermore’s toughest midterm.

Wednesday Addams


While addams family fans have previously seen this character as a girl, now she’s (almost) grown up. Wednesday‘s, well, Wednesday, is a “fearless, unapologetic” 15-year-old newcomer to Nevermore Academy, according to Millar. Wednesday has the same old pigtails and enviable gothic wardrobe, along with burgeoning young adult angst and burgeoning psychic abilities.

“Adding those layers of insecurity and [other] The vivid qualities that make a teenager a teenager is very, very interesting,” says Ortega, who was compared to his character long before he donned his Wednesday wig. “Especially with a character we’ve never had the chance to get to know well enough, because she’s always been a one-liner, on the sidelines with a fun punchline.”

This Wednesday he’s nobody’s partner as he investigates a monstrous murder wave plaguing the area around Nevermore and faces the most terrifying threat of all: other teenagers.

Enid Sinclair


Meet Wednesday’s “direct opposite,” as Millar calls her. “Super Bubbly” Enid is all about bright colors, warm fluff and school spirit; in other words, she is the nightmare of Wednesdays. Naturally, these two mismatched souls are Nevermore’s roommates. Enid is also a werewolf, but his lupine journey doesn’t go exactly as planned.

“She’s a bit of a latecomer, which makes her feel ostracized from her own community,” Myers says. “And until she arrives on Wednesday, she still hasn’t learned to fend for herself. But on Wednesday she teaches him an important lesson about accepting and standing up for yourself.”

These two roommates might find something in common after all.

Xavier Thorpe


The children may initially be an “irritation” to Wednesday, as Gough observes, but even she can’t help herself. “Xavier is the mystery guy that Wednesday is intrigued by but doesn’t quite know what to do and isn’t sure what his real agenda is,” says Gough. Nothing less dark would interest Wednesday.

Xavier is one of the most popular students at Nevermore and has a “sense of entitlement”, according to Hynes White. “But [Wednesday] it comes and takes the wind out of its sails”, he reflects. Although Hynes White accidentally assumed his character to be a gargoyle (based on a quick scan of the pilot episode script), Xavier is actually a psychic painter whose visions literally jump off the canvas.

tyler gallin


Tyler is one of the so-called “normals” of Jericho, the county of regular humans that contains Nevermore. “Unfortunately, he doesn’t have these cool powers that [everyone else] has, but is quite the barista,” jokes Doohan. Still, Tyler has his own “complications” from him. “Tyler is the last boy next door you find out he has a darker past,” Millar quips. Well, Wednesday loves puzzles.

bianca barclay


By building the world of WednesdayGough explains, he and Millar did not want to create the “prototypical bad girl.” Instead, we get Bianca, a mermaid and the queen bee of Nevermore, until Wednesday when she shows up on the scene. “What we told Joy [before filming] was, ‘This is the white show and then he shows up on Wednesday,’” says Gough. Unsurprisingly, Bianca doesn’t want to hand over her crown to a complete stranger. It doesn’t help that Bianca’s ex, psychic painter Xavier, is clearly pursuing Wednesday.

“Bianca looks like the villain, but they say the best way to play a villain is to understand and justify them,” says Sunday. Sunday has a lot to work with as Bianca hides family secrets and other struggles. As a mermaid, Bianca has the ability to persuade people with her words. “She has to wear a necklace to make sure that power doesn’t go too crazy. But she’s pretty powerful, and sometimes, as she says, she’s not really that useful,” reflects Sunday.



When Enid introduces Wednesday to the wild world of the Nevermore social scene, she names four main groups: Fangs, Furs, Scales and Stoners. Ajax, a gorgon, falls into the latter category. This supernatural species not only has the ability to turn people to stone, but also enjoys be stoned, if you understand our trend.

In season 1, Ajax is attracted to Enid. But otherworldly powers have a tendency to create romantic strife, particularly for a gorgon. “You feel like these characters are larger than life in this world, but they really have a real basis to them,” Farmer tells Tudum. “At the end of the day, Ajax is an insecure guy. He has always felt insecure and out of place. It was a really cool thing to explore.”



Speaking of Enid, Eugene also has a bit of a crush on Nevermore’s most eligible werewolf. Eugene is a sweet, nerdy outcast from Nevermore who is defined by his passion for bees. Through his friendship with Wednesday, Eugene is drawn into the horror of Jericho’s monster hunt. But Mostafa is optimistic about the future of his character, especially when it comes to Enid.

“You can only hope and dream,” he tells Tudum of Eugene’s romantic prospects. “Hope for the best. See what happens.”

larisa weems


Every wizarding school needs its headmaster, and Larissa Weems is the glue that holds Nevermore together. Weems has a history with Wednesday’s mom, Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones), which gives her common ground with Wednesday. “Weems can definitely empathize with Wednesday’s situation, which is having to come out from under Morticia’s shadow: her success, her glamour, and her confidence,” says Millar.

But don’t expect Weems to be a pushover. “Weems is a woman who has been cruelly ignored for much of her life. She has achieved her dream of being the principal of the school where she was always second best,” she told the game of Thrones and Sandman says superstar Christie. “She Now she is forced to face her past once more in the form of Wednesday, the offspring of her old nemesis, Morticia Addams.”

Christie turned to a director in her own life to inform her character. “Weems is prepared to do whatever it takes to preserve her position,” Christie says. “And not just her own status, but the welfare and status quo of the world that she has created around her.” Wednesday she loves a challenge.



Thing’s presence throughout the season adds a little more addams family taste of Wednesday. “We wanted a character where, as vulnerable as Wednesday will be, Wednesday can be vulnerable,” explains Gough. That’s why the team chose a Romanian hand-trick magician to play the Thing, rather than making him a fully CGI character.

The cast and crew of 'Wednesday' reveal the secrets of the Thing
The thing about the thing in ‘Wednesday’

You have to give it to the actor who played the Thing.

Burton was particularly determined to have an actor on set play the Thing. It was the only way Burton could comprehensively direct the action. “Because when you write a very emotional scene between Wednesday and a disembodied hand, you expect it to play out on the screen,” says Millar. “It really is a tribute to Jenna and Victor that you really get that connection and sense of deep friendship.”

morticia addams


Morticia, the definition of creepy glamour, is Wednesday’s mother and one of the main sources of embarrassment for her teenage daughter. Outcasts: they’re just like us! Although Wednesday would never admit this, her teenage years are “definitely” about “leaving her own mark and getting away from her parents,” says Millar.

Years ago, Morticia was at the top of Nevermore’s social hierarchy as a student at the academy. But she is harboring her own secrets from her about that moment.

gomez addams

Luis Guzmán

Gomez is the loving father of Wednesday and the passionate husband of Morticia. Gomez and Morticia met and fell head over heels in love at Nevermore. The ardor of him continues to burn blindingly bright today.

Despite Gomez’s current status as a loving family man, he is connected to a decades-long deadly mystery in Jericho. Knowing the tenacious Wednesday, it is unlikely that he could leave this gloomy stone unturned.

uncle fester


Wednesday doesn’t trust many adults. But she puts her faith in the eccentric Uncle Fester. He is a master of the dark arts and is always ready to do some magic to help Wednesday with her detective work. We just wouldn’t recommend leaving Uncle Fester alone with a bank vault.

pugsley addams


If Wednesday is the brains of the Addams Family, Pugsley could be the heart. Sweet Pugsley brings out the older sister’s protective side of her supposedly heartless.

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