Motorcyclist crosses path of car, collision ensues: Here’s why AEB should be in the next car you buy –

Here’s another example of car vs. motorcycle caught on camera, and in this one video which is just over a minute long posted on Twitter, the camera car is shown to have received a double portion of misfortune; More on that in a moment.

The footage shows the camera vehicle traveling in the right lane of a two-lane main road, and early in the footage a motorcycle is seen exiting a left-hand intersection. The motorcyclist then proceeds to merge into the right lane and into the path of the approaching camera vehicle.

From the moment the motorcycle is seen leaving the intersection, it can be seen that the position of the motorcyclist’s helmet is facing the direction of travel, as is often the case, however, when making a lane change, the motorcyclist has forgotten to do a head-check, also known as a ‘lifeguard’, which consists of looking very quickly over his shoulder in the direction in which the cyclist intends to turn.

The driver of the vehicle with the camera could also have done more to avoid or mitigate the severity of the collision. There is no speed reading on the dash cam images, although you can see that the passage of road markings has slowed just before impact. This shows the importance of going far enough and being alert to other road users and, in the event of this incident, slowing down in time.

In the event that driver input alone is insufficient, this is where autonomous emergency braking intervenes and could apply maximum braking force to reduce the impact, if not avoid the collision altogether.

At the 47 second mark in the video, another collision occurs, this time involving another motorcyclist and the same car. As no rear-facing footage is shown, it is unclear if the second motorcyclist made contact with the car, although it is unlikely as no impact-related movement was shown on camera when it occurred.

The second bicycle accident could have been the second motorcyclist trying to avoid the stopped car and surrounding traffic that had been slowed by the first incident. However, it appears that the second cyclist was going too fast for the traffic conditions. Could the second bicycle accident be avoided if the car stopped on the left side of the road? Possibly, although at the speed he was traveling, he could have collided with the white Fortuner that had just passed the camera car on the left.

Last but not least, this also shows the importance of having a dashcam installed and working in your vehicle to prove innocence or not. This also provides crucial evidence in case the work of potential scammers Are developing; one such case has surfaced earlier this week.

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