Diablo 4 Battle Pass will take approximately 80 hours to complete

Diablo IV The battle pass will take approximately 80 hours to complete, according to a new interview with the game’s associate director, Joe Piepiora.

In an interview with MMORPG, Piepiora explained how the game’s seasons will work and what exactly Diablo IV battle pass players can expect. Each season will feature a similar season journey to Diablo III, with Piepiora calling the system “not too different from the format we had there that we liked so much.”

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Completing various season objectives, as well as defeating monsters, completing quests, and engaging in other activities will earn player favor, which is used to progress through the game’s battle pass. As detailed above, Diablo IV Battle Passes will come in both free and premium forms.

“That being said, the battle pass when you’re looking at completing the season journey along with other in-game content, you’re looking at roughly 80 hours of time spent to complete the entirety of the battle pass,” Piepiora said.

According to Piepiora, reaching Diablo IV’s level 100 cap would take “a bit longer than that, depending on how you play.”

Seasons will include additional story content., something that Piepiora recently mentioned in a previous interview will be presented every three months. What was not known was whether or not the seasonal story content would be a permanent addition to Diablo IV. According to Piepiora, the seasonal story content will be temporary and can only be played during the specific season in which it was introduced. However, should the team ever add larger story additions that continue the main story of Diablo IV or could lead to future expansions, they would be “persistent and available to all players at all times.”

Blizzard recently explained what players can expect from The end of Diablo IV in the form of a developer video. After completing Diablo IV’s main campaign, players will engage in Helltides in the game’s open world and complete more challenging Nightmare versions of standard dungeons to earn rewards and further progress their characters through the game’s Paragon Board system. Blizzard will offer more endgame details, as well as address feedback from the beta, in a developer livestream on April 20.

Diablo IV will launch on June 6, and while it will include a battle pass and in-game store, Blizzard has emphasized that it will not allow players to spend money to become more powerful..

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