Avatar: The Last Airbender Finally Reveals the Design of One of His Legendary Fire Benders

Avatar the last airbender and the legend of korran they were two of the most popular series on Nickelodeon when they first debuted. Building on its continued popularity, the franchise will return with a new live-action series on Netflix and new movies premiering from Supreme‘s avatar studios. However, the Aang and Korra stories are just the tip of the iceberg as far as the bending universe is concerned, as the mobile game avatar generations has given fans a new look at the legendary fire bender known as Hei-Ran.

The Avatar known as Kuruk was like Korra in that he came from the Water Tribe, born in the reincarnation cycle after Avatar Yangchen but before the ruthless Avatar known as Kyoshi. On his travels, Kuruk found himself fighting the spiritual threats facing his home, with the firebender known as Hei-Ran helping the Avatar of the Water Tribe hone his abilities when it came to the element of fire. Unfortunately, Kuruk eventually found himself succumbing to his spiritual excursions and battles, with Hei-Ran needing to discover the Avatar that preceded him in hopes of preparing his successor to save the world if necessary.

Hei-Ran, Fire Bender

avatar generations has allowed the franchise to explore the past and breathe new life into characters that have never made their animated debut. With Hei-Ran playing a large role in both Kuruk’s and Kyoshi’s lives, perhaps the fire bender could appear in future Avatar Studios projects. Avatar Studios’ first animated film will arrive in 2025, so if Hei-Ran does finally make his animated debut, it will most likely be years before he does.

For those looking for more Avatar stories outside of the animated world, the franchise has been explored thanks in part to various novels and graphic novels published over the years. As of yet, Avatar Studios has neither confirmed nor denied if any of these stories will have an impact on their future projects. It’s a testament to the popularity of Aang and Korra that future projects are in the works that will take fans back to the bending universe.

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