2023 Yamaha Aerox/NVX155 India Gets Traction Control – paultan.org

The beneficiary of the sernew motorcycle model launches of late is India, which sees the local market launch of the 2023 Yamaha Aerox 155, also known as the Yamaha NVX155 in Malaysia and priced at RM11,498 for the ABS variant. For this year, the Aerox 155 gets a color update, as well as the addition of traction control.

This means that the Indian market gets the most complete or “full spec” version of the Aerox 155 compared to other Asian markets. Traction control complements other safety features found on the Aerox 155, such as front-wheel ABS.

Priced at Rs 142,800 (RM 7,686), the Aerox 155 with traction control is cheaper than the MT-15 at Rs 164,900 (RM 8,876) and the R15 at Rs 180,900 (RM 9,737). This is relevant since all three models share the same engine, a single-cylinder with variable valve actuation (VVA).

The Aerox 155’s engine produces 15 bhp at 8,000 rpm with a maximum torque of 13.9 Nm at 6,500 rpm. For India, the Aerox 155’s engine is tuned to accept the E20 gasoline found there.

The rest of the equipment of the Aerox 155 is similar to that of other markets, including the front and rear LED headlights, the front storage compartment with USB charging socket and 25 liters of storage under the seat, as well as the Y-Connect connectivity of Yamaha. The Aerox 155 rolls on 14-inch wheels, and the India lacks the convenience of smart key and shocks with remote reservoirs.

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