Rewrite the sentence I’m a Hooters girl without ‘no breasts’: People tell me to ‘take off’ my push-up bra, but I’d rather die as an SEO-friendly short headline – The Insidexpress

HOOTERS is famous for its strict dress code and policies that guide how servers should look.

But for an employee, it’s personal: she’s not willing to give up a part of her uniform that she considers vital.

Bri Hoey is a Hooters servant who said that a piece of her wardrobe is a secret weaponCredit: TikTok/_bri__marie_

The most important part of his uniform is not the orange shorts or the iconic jersey.Credit: TikTok/_bri__marie_

According to yours truly at Hooters, Bri Hoey (@bri__marie), one item of clothing is more important than any other when reporting to work.

In a video, she revealed the part of her wardrobe that’s more important than an owl-print T-shirt or orange shorts.

Hoey said her push-up bra is a must-have, especially for fitting in with her colleagues.

She said that while she doesn’t have breasts, her coworkers are bigger on top.

So, he filmed a clip that best represents his point of view. “When you have nothing but to work with girls who do,” she wrote in the caption.

On camera, Hoey played two different characters: herself and a person criticizing her essential clothing.

“Take off your push-up bra,” she said, in character as the troll apparently against her store-bought assets.

Uttering a viral sound clip, Hoey responded as herself, in a Hooters uniform.

“I’d rather die,” she lip-synced, accentuating each word.

Although Hoey was candid about her subterfuge, her viewers did not envy her for it.

In fact, some even said they appreciated the efforts restaurant servers put into creating a cohesive look and brand experience.

“Hooters girls are the best,” wrote one fan of the franchise.

Another person saw the additional support as a smart financial move.

They warned Hoey: “It will cost you money” if she removes her padded bra, hinting that she earned more tips.

And a fellow Hooters, with a similar build, sympathized with the lengths to which Hoey goes for the sake of his career.

The commenter said that she had used special bras, inserts and more to achieve an enhanced look.

“Push up, chops, whatever it takes,” he wrote.

Hoey's critics demand that

Hoey’s critics demand she “take off” her push-up bra, but she didn’t budgeCredit: TikTok/_bri__marie_

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