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AN ACTRESS helped her son have a baby AFTER he died because it was her “last wish.”

Ana Obregón is 68 years old and changes diapers again after using her son Aless Lequio’s semen to bring a baby into the world through surrogacy.

Ana Obregón brought her son’s baby into the world after dying from surrogacyCredit: Instagram/@ana_obregon_oficial

Aless died of cancer three years ago at just 27 years old.Credit: Instagram/@ana_obregon_oficial

Aless died of cancer at age 27 in May 2020, but froze his sperm before undergoing chemotherapy.

According to his mother, it was his “last wish to bring a son into the world.”

Ana said: “The only thing that has allowed me to continue living every day, every second, is fulfilling the mission of bringing Aless’s daughter into the world.

“When she grows up I will tell her that her father was a hero, so she knows who he is and how proud she should be of him.”

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The grieving mother claimed that Aless said she wanted her to bring her son into the world a week before he died.

She said her wishes were put into effect the week she died and now she is baby Anita’s primary caregiver.

Ana kept her son’s samples in the US and obtained a surrogate mother in the country because surrogacy is prohibited in her home country of Spain.

Little Anita was born on March 20 in a Miami hospital and is legally the daughter of Ana.

The new grandmother found out that her son’s son was on the way in August and that she was a girl in December.

She said: “I am happy!

“Surrounded by diapers, baby bottles, all pink, full of bows and smelling of perfume, how wonderful!

“Also, Aless Lequio loved babies and would go crazy every time he saw one.

“He told me: ‘I’m going to call my first daughter Ana, like you, mommy.'”

The baby is legally called Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón but her family affectionately calls her Anita.

Ana assured that the little girl will never want more love or money because she “worked 40 years” to support her offspring.

The grandmother has not ruled out bringing more of her son’s children into the world through surrogacy.

She revealed that he wanted five children while he lived, and that he would not be opposed to giving little Anita a brother.

The socialite has found herself at the center of a national media storm in Spain after revealing her use of surrogacy.

In Spain, it is currently illegal to use surrogate mothers.

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Ana shared Aless with the Italian aristocrat Alessandro Lecquio after having an affair with him in the 90s, news that sent the Spanish media crazy.

The actress, born in Madrid in March 1955, made her screen debut in 1981 at the age of 27 when she appeared in Jules Verne’s Mystery on Monster Island.

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