Resident Evil Village removes controversial feature on PC

A new update has been released for Resident Evil Village in Steam, removing the game’s controversial Denuvo anti-tamper technology. Fans had been complaining for quite some time that the technology was causing the game to perform worse on personal computer compared to the console versions, and a “cracked” version of the game unofficially released online seemed to prove exactly that. It’s taken a lot longer than anyone expected to see, but it looks like Capcom has finally fixed the issue. Hopefully this will be the update that players have been waiting for a long time and will make the experience more enjoyable!

Resident Evil Village released in May 2021, so this issue has taken almost two years to resolve. That’s a long time, but later is certainly better than never! Denuvo’s technology has long been controversial among gamers, though it’s hard to say if the technology was directly causing performance issues in this scenario. As video game chronicle Note, Denuvo’s technology was present in the game along with Capcom’s own copy protection, and the problem could have been exacerbated by both. Many PC fans have blamed Denuvo on gaming performance issues in the past, but not all games using the technology suffer from similar issues. That being said, technology has caused enough headaches over the years to warrant player frustration!

A direct sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Resident Evil Village marks the return of protagonist Ethan Winters. Three years after the previous game, Ethan and his wife Mia have tried to return to a normal life with his daughter, Rosemary. However, things are thrown into chaos when Chris Redfield arrives, apparently murdering Mia and kidnapping Ethan and Rosemary. When Ethan wakes up, he finds himself in a mysterious town and sets out to rescue Rosemary. Unfortunately, the town contains even greater terrors than he had previously encountered! Capcom’s game received heavy criticism upon release and received DLC adding new features and content.

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