‘Renfield’ Movie Review: Nicolas Cage and Nicholas Hoult Give This Dracula Tale Fangs

The story of Dracula goes back to the Gothic of 1897. horror novel that inspired countless iterations through every means imaginable. by chris mckay Renfield takes its own stab at the infamous tale of a monster and its familiar, but with a contemporary twist on the toxic relationship between Dracula and RM Renfield. Of course, there’s a lot of gore this time.

‘Renfield’ finds its main character searching for his own voice

L-R: Nicolas Cage as Dracula and Nicholas Hoult as Renfield | Michele K. Short/Universal Pictures

Renfield (Nicholas Hoult) initially got into trouble when he thought he could improve the lives of his wife and daughter by getting involved in the real estate affairs of Dracula (Nicolas Cage). However, this only leads to his own immortality, as he is forced to become a familiar to cater to his master’s every need.

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