PlayStation announces a new state of play focused on Final Fantasy XVI

PlayStation will present a new State of Play focused on Final Fantasy XVI, showing more than 20 minutes of newly recorded gameplay. The broadcast date is Thursday, April 13 at 2 pm PT / 5 pm ET.

PlayStation, according to a blog post, will refer to the dark fantasy setting of FF16, Eikons and Dominants, “the flashy battle system featured in the early trailers” and more. It is unknown at this time if the State of Play will only focus on FF16, or if other announcements and gameplay will appear.

Leading up to the release of Final Fantasy 16, Square Enix has released a constant stream of information about the game. We know how long it will take to complete–80 hours–and we know it’s a dark fantasy setting with action based battles, unlike turn-based combat, with huge Eikons. FF16 Producer Naoki Yoshida said the team opted for a more action-oriented direction to attract younger players. For more information, you can refer to GameSpot’s Final Fantasy 16 Preview.

Final Fantasy XVI will be released on June 22 for PlayStation 5. It will remain exclusive to PS5 for six months, but Yoshida said gamers shouldn’t expect a PC edition right away after the exclusivity expires. “I’ll make it clear… the PC version won’t be out for half a year,” Yoshida said.

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