Louisville body cam leaked on Twitter, alleged shooter at Louisville bank streamed live on reddit

leaked video from louisville physical camera

Police recognized the person who opened fire at a downtown Louisville bank Monday morning as 23-year-old Connor Sturgeon.

Sturgeon died in a shootout with police, investigators said.

louisville capturing live

When the Louisville police arrived, the Old National Bank was still firing and had exchanged fire with Sturgeon. Investigators stated that Sturgeon was armed with a rifle.

Sturgeon’s motives are still under investigation, police said.

Sturgeon livestreamed some of the shootings on social media, Louisville Acting Police Chief Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel said.

According to the police, at least two police officers were killed on the turn of fire. One officer was shot in the head and required surgical intervention. The officer’s situation is important.

At least four different victims have been confirmed dead locally, police said. Another 9 have been taken to the hospital for therapy.

How did the shooter die?

Police said they “arrested” the shooter, but did not say the officer’s bullet killed him. In many mass shootings, the shooter commits suicide during a confrontation with the police.

“The suspect shot the officer. Then we fired again and stopped the threat,” Louisville Metro Acting Police Chief Jacqueline Gwynvilarroll said. “The suspect is dead.”

What weapon was the shooter carrying?

Sturgeon attacked the financial institution at gunpoint, authorities said. You didn’t specify what kind.

What should the financial institution do with it?

In an emotional news conference, Gov. Andy Beshear said he knew most of the people who worked in the bank building when he applied to become a lawyer in 2015.

“I know almost everyone who is there. That’s my bank,” Beshear said, crying. “That’s dangerous. I have a very close friend who didn’t make it right away. I have another good friend who didn’t make it. There’s another man in the hospital and I hope he makes it.”

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