Age limit for taxis in the Peninsula and e-hailing vehicles nationwide increased to 15 years from January 1, 2023 –

The Ministry of Transport has revealed details about the extension of the age limit for taxis and transport vehicles, which has been increased from 10 to 15 years effective January 1, 2023. Transport Minister Anthony Loke said the updated policy will apply to all ride-share vehicles nationwide and all taxis in Peninsular Malaysia, including regular, airport taxis and luxury.

“With this, the government is allowing vehicles that have previously reached the age limit of 10 years, but have not yet turned 15, to return to operation. According to this announcement, the age limit for obtaining the license will be updated to 14 years. This means that any vehicle that wants to obtain a license for taxi and e-hailing must do so at least one year before the age limit of 15 years”, he said.

Loke said the implementation of the new 15-year-old age limit policy was intended to ease the burden faced by many taxi drivers and rideshare drivers, especially those who have been severely affected during the Covid-19 pandemic. “If the age limit period remains at 10 years, many drivers will have to face huge costs to buy a new vehicle and risk going into debt, even though their source of income is still uncertain,” he said.

He added that the extension is subject to conditions. “I would like to emphasize that the use of taxis and transport vehicles is always subject to the approval of periodic inspections to ensure that only vehicles that meet the technical requirements and safety features are licensed to operate on the road,” he explained. .

Regarding the age limit for taxis in Sabah, WP Labuan and Sarawak, the existing policy of the Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board (LPKP) Sabah and LPKP Sarawak will continue to apply, and the change in policy will only increase the age limit for taxis. shared transport vehicles. Currently, the age limit for taxis in these states ranges from 15 to 30 years.

Loke said that the public land transport agency (APAD), LPKP Sabah and LPKP Sarawak will make further announcements regarding the date when applications can be submitted to allow operators and drivers of taxis and shuttle services to come to the counter for obtain the license and renew the permits.

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