A guide on how to style pants, plus the best options for shopping online

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If you explored the fashion of 2023 trend reports or you follow some fashion girlies on TikTok, you know that pants are in style. Dress pants, once relegated to the menswear section, are all the rage amid a new interest in fashion. old money aesthetic.

While pants can look effortlessly cool, they’re not the easiest piece of clothing to style. The key to building an outfit around pants—and particularly an outfit that looks fresh in 2023—is getting the style proportions right, says the personal shopper and stylist. alex lamb.

“You want to balance out an outfit by pairing wider, longer-leg pants with a more fitted, tucked-in top or top,” she explains. From there, you can cinch your waist in with a belt or add a sweater or jacket, she says. “For some people, an oversized top paired with oversized pants is the style, and it can be, but you have to be able to create dimension in the outfit to make it look interesting and proportioned,” she says.

And if you want to look sharp with the tailored pants look, finding the perfect fit is key. Choosing pants with the right inseam length for your height is key, and that may require taking a pair that’s too long to a tailor, Lamb notes.

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Ideally, your pants will just barely brush the bottom of your shoes (whether they’re flat shoes or heels) without dragging on the floor, says Lamb. “Ask your tailor for advice on the correct length so that you have the proper crease in the front; try to aim for one crease instead of multiple, which can make the pant look sloppy,” she says. “Personally, I don’t like it when my pants drag on the floor, so I tend to hem them about a half-inch above the sole of the shoe I plan to wear them with; this elongates your legs without you stepping on the sole of the shoe. pants.”

Of course, the first step to getting your pants off is finding the perfect pair. If you want to add a set of women’s pants to your wardrobe, here are some of the best options to buy.

Mason Reform Pant


Mason Reform Pant

One of Lamb’s best options, the Mason Reform Pant It’s likely to be your best-dressed friend’s favorite, too. The style comes in regular, petite, and long lengths, a detail that can save you a trip to the tailor.

the favorite pants

favorite daughter

Favorite daughter Favorite pants

Another of Lamb’s favorite pants at the moment, Favorite daughter Favorite pants It is high waisted with a wide leg. It’s available in 12 different colors, so you can choose a neutral pair (like a tan hue) or go for a bolder statement (like hot pink).

Princess Polly Archer Pants

Princess Polly

Princess Polly Archer Pants

Look no further than Princess Polly for an affordable option that’s available in regular, little girl, highand curve size, in a large number of colors and patterns. They are part of Princess Polly’s Lower Impact range, since their composition is 95 percent recycled polyester.

A&F Sloane tailored trousers

Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch Sloane Tailored Trousers

these pants Abercrombie & Fitch stand out for their color options, including bubblegum pink and denim options. Each comes in short, regular, and long lengths, and the pants are also available in the brand Curve Love Sizingthat features an additional two inches through the hips and thighs.

boohoo pants


Boohoo High Waist Skinny Suit Pants

While wide leg pants are currently in style, you should always choose the silhouette that suits you best, says Lamb. “I love the cigarette style, so it fits snug in the leg but still has a bit of flare at the bottom,” she says. “With that, you can still wear a t-shirt or blouse and make sure the pant hits right where your ankle bone meets your foot to balance out the look.” consider this boohoo pair if you are looking for a slimmer leg.

Harlow wide-leg trousers in 100% linen


Madewell The Harlow Wide Leg Pant in 100% Linen

Lamb suggests looking for lighter materials if you plan to wear your pants during the warmer months. “Linen is amazing for this, but be aware that it will wrinkle and that’s okay,” she says. A white pair, like this Madewell optionit may also seem like a more appropriate option for spring.

Zara satin trousers


Zara satin effect cargo pants

“Lately, I’ve been loving updated pants with cargo pockets in silk or satin,” says Lamb. “When you wear them with a slingback heel and a crop top or a sexy skinny tank top, it’s super cute and fun for spring, day or night.” This pair made with a shiny satin fabric it fits perfectly.

topshop pants A guide on how to style pants, plus the best options for shopping online

Topshop straight leg faux leather trousers

Another alternative to ordinary pants, Leather pants They offer a more informal and avant-garde atmosphere. These faux leather topshop pants have a solid 5-star rating at Nordstrom.


2Fs%2Ftopshop-straight-leg-faux-leather-trousers%2F7307691″ price=”$74″ target=”_blank” sponsor=”false” narrativ=”include” button_type=”default”/]

Totem Pants


Double-breasted Linen Toteme Lyocell Tofu Trousers

Lamb is a fan of Swedish brand Toteme’s trouser offering. This flowy white linen option screams “dream European vacation.”

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