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nigerian shemale James Brown has shared a controversial photo online to celebrate Easter Sunday.

James Brown shared a photo of himself dressed as a nun to his verified Instagram page. The controversial transvestite urged his fans not to judge her because they are not God.

James Brown also asked God for help, correction when wrong and protection against ‘bad things’.

He wrote: “Our Father who art in heaven, you are amazing!

Show us who you are and how you want us to be. Make the earth more like heaven. Give us what we need to carry on each day. Help us when we’re wrong and cleanse us inside. Keep us from bad things, you are in charge! You are strong and powerful and you are always there. Forever! amen ????

Judge Non, because you are not God. I don’t need your comment today, just pray because today is Easter.

James Brown reveals how he became a drag queen

At times, James Brown revealed why he is not ashamed to act like a woman despite criticism online.

James Brown claimed that he lost his shame the day Nigerians accused him of being gay without any evidence on August 27, 2018, and went to prison for a month.

“I lost my shame the day Nigeria accused me of being gay without any evidence on August 27, 2018, and still I went to prison for a month oooo Oga I didn’t lose am tay tay.”

James Brown dramatically mourns Queen Elizabeth


Ngnews247 also remembers that James Brown shocked the internet with his abilities to cry and faint a few hours after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

James Brown shared a video of himself on his verified Instagram page, crying as he mourns the death of his mentor. According to him, his heart is bleeding because the woman he admired had left him in this evil world.

He wrote: “My heart is bleeding. I can’t believe the woman I’m looking for is gone too.

It is painful that the woman I look up to and admire, the woman of Grace and Principle, has left me in this wicked world. I will miss you dearly, my GODMOTHER QUEEN ELIZABETH 8.

Nigerians took to James Brown’s comments section to react to his dramatic way of mourning the Queen of England. He was fired online for his dramatic moves.

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