Pokemon Quest Anime Miniseries Drops Episode 1: Watch

He Pokemon The franchise is gearing up for the release of its new anime, but first, a small miniseries was needed before Ash Ketchum could be replaced. With Pokémon Horizons: The Series Debuting Next Week, All Eyes Are On pokemon search this weekend in the meantime. After all, the popular mobile game did inspire its own anime, and the miniseries just released its first episode.

The update was released on YouTube courtesy of the Pokemon Kids TV channel. It was there that Pokemon launched the premiere of cube-shaped Pokemon on Cubie Island, and the first episode is all kinds of adorable. The episode introduces fans to the world of Pokemon Quest if they’re unfamiliar, and our protagonist Pikachu must explore the island after washing up on the beach.

Of course, they are not alone. Cubie Island is full of monsters and Psyduck is the first companion to greet Pikachu. As the episode progresses, Pikachu discovers that his new friend has some strange quirks, and Psyduck manages to scare Pikachu away in no time.

If you’re not familiar with Pokemon Quest in its entirety, the mobile game launched in 2018. With over 10 million downloads, the casual game takes fans into the world of Pokemon while taking notes from the blocky Minecraft style. The game asks players to create teams of Pokémon that can complete levels on their home island while battling wild monsters. Since its debut, Pokemon Quest has become a popular mobile title with huge hits like Pokemon Go. And now, The Pokemon Company is celebrating the app with an anime of its own.

You can expect episodes of this miniseries to drop on a weekly basis, but soon, Pokemon fans will turn their eyes to another anime. The next mainline Pokémon anime will debut on April 14, bringing two newcomers to the screen. Pokémon Horizons will be overlooking Ash and Pikachu for new trainers as they prepare to explore the Paldea region. So if you’re looking forward to seeing this new era of Pokemon, just know that you’re not alone in it! At this time, Pokémon Horizons will debut next week in Japan, but no distribution plans for the anime have been announced internationally. Netflix is ​​currently overseeing the release of the Pokémon anime in the United States.

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