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Roblox Project Mugetsu, the brainchild of Osiris Productions, is a game inspired by the Bleach anime that allows players to design custom characters and models. Depending on the choices they make, including their character’s race and build, players can either enter the Soul Society as a Soul Reaper or progress as an Arrancar in Hueco Mundo. Additionally, the game features a ranked zone where players can engage in PvP battles to show their growth and skill against other players. If you want to know how to become a Menos, we will show you how to do it in this guide.

Be sure to go to Mugetsu Trello Project page to learn more about the game! For gifts, we have a Mugetsu Project Codes page for you!

How to become a Less

If you have already done it become a hole, you will then need to transition to a Minus. To evolve from a Hollow to a Menos, you must collect 625 XP per eat body parts and also reaching level 5 or higher. The key part is that you need to EAT the body parts to get that experience. Your level doesn’t matter until you eat all those body parts.

You can only eat a maximum of 4 body parts per kill, and the amount of XP gained per body part varies depending on the type of creature:

  • Hollow base: 1 XP per body part consumed (4 XP total)
  • Human: 1 XP per body part consumed (4 XP total)
  • Basic Soul Reaper: 2 XP per body part consumed (8 XP total)
  • Soul Reaper with Shikai: 3 XP per body part consumed (12 XP total)
  • Attaches: 3 XP per body part consumed (12 XP total)
  • Vast Lorde: 2.75 XP per body part consumed (11 XP total)
  • Start up: 4 XP per body part consumed (16 XP total)

So obviously you’ll want to kill and eat the higher level things that you can kill more efficiently. However, don’t just kill the tougher enemies if it takes forever to do so. If you can eat a bunch of body parts from a lower level enemy, it might be better to farm them instead of fighting harder enemies.

You can’t really track your progress as far as how far you have to go in terms of the XP you need to transition to Less. The only way to do it is to buy the Career Progression Game Pass for Robux.

That’s all you need to know to become a Menos in Project Mugetsu! If you want to get freebies in a variety of experiences, be sure to head over to our Roblox Game Codes page.

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