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A FASHION fan who normally spends £70 on a Zara blazer was gobsmacked when she saw an incredible goofball at Primark.

Maria even went so far as to call the blazer “the best thing Primark has ever sold,” while gushing about her new purchase in a TikTok video.

Maria was stunned when she walked into Primark and saw “the best they’ve ever sold”.Credit: Tiktok/@mariajoynson

He said he would expect to pay around £70 for a similar blazer at Zara.Credit: Tiktok/@mariajoynson

But this one was just £22 from Primark

But this one was just £22 from PrimarkCredit: Tiktok/@mariajoynson

The blazer also comes in this shade;  although Maria didn't get it, she did get the shorts to match a similar blazer she already has.

The blazer also comes in this shade; although Maria didn’t get it, she did get the shorts to match a similar blazer she already has.Credit: Tiktok/@mariajoynson

“Usually I have to buy my blazers from Zara, I have to spend like £50 or £60 on them,” the clip began.

“But I saw this and I thought, ‘That looks great.’

“And I put it on and I literally couldn’t believe it and what I couldn’t believe anymore was the price.”

After modeling the longline pastel pink blazer, Maria asked how much people thought she was.

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“Because if this was in Zara it would be a £70 blazer, like £69.99 please,” he said.

“Primark said £22 please. Maybe I’ll buy it in another color.”

The pink blazer comes with matching pants that are perfect if you’re a bit taller.

And the jacket also comes in lime green.

While Maria was trying on the blazer in both colors, she noticed that she already had a similar one in green, so she didn’t buy that one.

However, she bought the lime green shorts.

“Highly, highly recommended,” he concluded.

Maria then captioned her video: “This might be the best Primark find ever.” #primark.”

“Primark is just amazing, I have so many 2 color bits from there, I can’t resist, especially with the quality and the price, fabulous,” one person commented on the video.

“Yes, I have this too, what a great quality!” another raved.

To which Maria replied: “I can’t believe it! The best Primark blazer I have found.”

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