Iranian official urges caution against new Omicron sub-strain as covid-19 cases rise – Iran Front Page

A member of the scientific committee of the Iranian task force to fight Covid warns that the newest sub-strain of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 that has been detected in some countries around the world is spreading rapidly across the country.

Dr. Seyyed Ahmad Tabatabaei said that the people and officials of Iran need to be vigilant. Dr. Tabatabaei added that unfortunately the number of covid cases in Iran increased in recent weeks and this shows in the color of the cities in terms of covid risk.

He urged citizens to observe health protocols such as social distancing, avoiding shaking hands with others, and wearing masks.

The official pointed out that the symptoms of the new variant are similar to those of a cold.

On Saturday, figures from the Health Ministry showed that Covid had killed 37 people in the previous 24 hours. The number of new cases stood at 884.

Meanwhile, there are 18 red cities in Iran in terms of Covid risk. Red denotes the highest level of risk. The number of cities colored orange, yellow, and blue, respectively, is 76, 227, and 127.

Covid has killed more than 145,000 people in Iran since the global pandemic began in 2019.

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