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Roblox BedWars has introduced the Egg Hunt 2023 event, which allows players to hunt for eggs in the game. By participating in the 2023 Easter Egg Hunt, players can unlock rewards such as a kit skin, badge, limited shop item, and more. Each egg you can get requires you to do something different in the game, if you are wondering how to get the lucky egg you will find it in this guide.

How to get the lucky egg in BedWars

To get the Lucky Egg, you’ll want to head over to BedWars’ Lucky Blocks mode. Once the game starts, start searching to break any Lucky Block you can find on the map. They will spawn periodically at random, and you just need to stick out your pickaxe and mine them. Every time you break one, you have a small chance to unlock the Lucky Egg. Just keep doing this until you get it!

If you’re not sure what a Lucky Block looks like, it’s a cube block with a question mark on it. It can have different colors depending on the type of Lucky Block. Any of them should work, so keep mining them.

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While it may seem like you’re getting nowhere when you’ve broken a ton of Lucky Blocks, you just have to keep doing it over and over again. Unfortunately, this is how random probability/RNG works. You might get it on your first try or you might have to break a ton of blocks. It’s purely random, so you just need to get lucky! You can find out how to get all the other eggs in our how to get eggs guide!

This egg can be quite annoying if you’re not lucky enough to get it early on in your Lucky Block smash. Players who manage to find all of the Easter Eggs will be able to unlock the Egg Launcher, which is a limited-time weapon that features powerful egg explosions that pack a huge punch!

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