The 8 Best Shoes for Coachella That Are Cute and Really Comfortable

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Picture this. You paid hundreds of dollars for Coachella tickets, you paid hundreds of dollars for a flight, you paid hundreds of dollars for a hotel, and you paid hundreds of dollars for your outfits. Phew! That’s a lot of money. You’re at the festival and your favorite band (let’s say it’s Boygenius) is about to hit the stage. Right when they start playing the first song, you sit down. Your feet hurt so much that you won’t make it to the second day. You thought you planned everything perfectly, but you forgot to investigate the best shoes for coachella and now there is a pain in your soul and soles. Don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be your reality.

Choosing which shoes to wear for coachella, or any music festival, is possibly the most important decision you’ll make all weekend. It’s tempting to choose shoes that perfectly complement the aesthetic of your outfit, but if you don’t prioritize comfort, you’ll be sorry.

Here’s the trick, choosing comfortable shoes doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice looking cute. There are many shoe options that will be fashionable and functional for the festival, the trick is knowing which ones to buy.

If you just bought a new pair of Dr. Martens, don’t wear them. I repeat: do not use them unless you are 100 percent used to it. In general, I would recommend wearing whatever shoe option you plan to wear to the festival consistently for at least a week before the concerts. This will help you determine if you can handle a 12-hour day in them and make them more comfortable to wear come the weekend.

I’ve compiled a list of the cutest and most comfortable shoes on the internet to wear to Coachella. All you have to do is pick a pair (and give them a good try).

STYLECASTER |  The best shoes for Coachella

Courtesy of Reebok.

reebok club c 85

i can vouch for this pair Reebok’s incredible level of comfort as someone who has personally worn them to a music festival. They won’t be the same brilliant shade of white after the weekend, but they are very easy to wash. Also, they look cute with any outfit.

STYLECASTER |  The best shoes for Coachella

Courtesy of Teva.

Original Universal Sandal

You can never go wrong with a pair of Teva sandals for a music festival. This classic pair comes in 14 different pattern options.

STYLECASTER |  The best shoes for Coachella

Courtesy of Dirty Clothes.

Josea Cowgirl Boot

Cowboy boots don’t have to be reserved for country music festivals. Cowboy boots are typically more durable than your average city boot and may contain some dust. this pair it comes in three colors, has a wider fit, and according to reviews, is very comfortable.

STYLECASTER |  The best shoes for Coachella

Courtesy of Birkenstock.

Arizona large buckle sandal

birkenstock will be your best friend during Coachella Yeah you’ve given them a little time to get used to it. If you wear your pair around the house for a week before the festival, you’re perfect.

STYLECASTER |  The best shoes for Coachella

Courtesy of Reform.

Chelsea Katerina boots with serrated sole

this pair Most of the Chelsea boots are higher in price, but they are durable and made of high-quality material. Also, you will be able to use them for years in your daily life after the festival.

STYLECASTER |  The best shoes for Coachella

Courtesy of Hokka.

Hoka Bondi 8 Shoes

Here’s the deal, as a society we have considered hoka slippers nice. If you want to have the most fun at the festival, these Hokas are one of the best things to put on your feet. I guarantee that your friends will envy you at the end of the day.

STYLECASTER |  The best shoes for Coachella

Courtesy of Dr. Scholl’s.

Headstart Combat Boot

Dr. Scholl’s is known for making comfortable shoes. This pair of combat boots has a soft lining and is designed to be lightweight.


Courtesy of Adidas.

Adidas Gazelle Shoes

If you want to be comfortable and very trendy, the Adidas Gazelle shoes are your footwear. this pair It comes in lots of different bright color options.

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