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popular Nigerian Actor, stan nze has written an emotional note to her mother as she turns a new age.

Stan took to his Instagram page to say hello to his mom while calling her sweet names.
The actor reaffirmed his love for her and thanked God for her.

Nze also said special prayers for his mother.

He wrote: To a very special person, my first love, my best follower, my first admirer, my mother. The best mother in the world. I am thankful to God for bringing us into this season of glory. In fact, it would go from glory to glory. I love you so much. Happy Birthday Mom.

stan nze gushes over his wife as he celebrates her on International Women’s Day
It will be remembered that Stan Nze celebrated his wife on International Women’s Day.

In a candid post, Stan Nze acknowledged the important role women play in society, describing them as special and reminding them that the world wouldn’t exist without them. He expressed his gratitude to women around the world for their contributions to humanity.

In particular, he celebrated his wife, whom he described as the “Lolo of the entire kingdom of Nzerians” and a woman of courage. Furthermore, he thanked her for being a strong woman and for embodying all the virtues of a virtuous woman.

He wrote: Happy International Women’s Day to all women in the world ????
You are special and the world would never have existed without you.

And to my own wife, the Lolo of the entire kingdom of Nzerians, a woman of value, wood and caliber, hardworking, my Oriaku, my tomato Jos. I celebrate you baby I see everything you do: inspire women around the world.
Thank you for being such a strong woman and for embodying all that a virtuous woman is.

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