Shannon Sharpe Reacts To Resurfaced Clip, Claims She Paid For A Woman’s Divorce

Shannon Sharpe is without a doubt one of the most fascinating people on sports television. She was a legend in the NFL, and now she sits across from Skip Bayless on Undisputed every day. Overall, Sharpe is a fantastic character who never fails to captivate fans.

Even if you don’t always agree with him, you can’t help but admire his approach to the world of broadcasting. You can bet that at least one comment or anecdote will have you rolling on the floor in almost every episode.

Shannon Sharpe recently found herself at the center of a viral campaign on Twitter. An old clip resurfaced on Twitter showing him telling Skip Bayless a very interesting story. As you can see below, Sharpe explains the time when he was so in love with a woman that he paid to divorce her. Afterwards, Bayless was quite shocked by the revelation. However, Sharpe maintained that he was so sure of her love for this woman that he expedited the situation on him. You can probably figure out why something like this would go viral.

Shannon Sharpe gets honest

Although, Sharpe seems a bit confused as to why this is news. Consequently, he took to Twitter to probe the situation. “When I originally said this, you didn’t repost it now months and months after the fact,” Sharpe wrote. “You repost it now. The clown(s) who paid you to republish it should get their money back because I promise you and them it’s not having the impact you think it is. WE ARE GOOD HERE”. From there, a fan responded, pointing out that Sharpe did, in fact, make these comments. This led to another reply in which Sharpe wrote: “Absolutely said and did. You’ll be more surprised who paid to have me republish it than what I originally did.”

At this point, the nature of virality remains a mystery. However, for someone like Sharpe, it is always expected that you can become the main character of Twitter at any moment. Such is life when you are a public figure.

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