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Heidi Korth, the singer’s wife and son of Governor Adeleke, Sina Rambo has reconciled with the singer.

The mother of two who announced her separation from her husband in December and accused him of domestic violence among other things has settled her differences with him.

Surprising many, Korth shared a video of her and Sina Rambo out on a family outing with their daughter. Although she did not caption the video, it could be clearly seen that the couple was back together.

This came as a surprise since in February, Korth criticized Sina Rambo for celebrating her birthday.

heidi korth criticizes her husband, Sina Rambo, for celebrating her birthday

Kemi Filani reported that heidi korth she had criticized him for celebrating his birthday.

Sina Rambo took to his Instagram story to celebrate his estranged wife turning twenty-five on February 7.

Beating all the odds from the marital drama they’re embroiled in, the father-of-one shared a short video of him and his estranged wife together and wished her a happy birthday.

Meanwhile, Heidi Korth shared a video of herself lighting a birthday candle and placing it on top of a cake. She also noted that she was thankful for the new age of hers.

Reacting to her husband’s birthday message, Heidi Korth took to the blog’s comments section to reply. She wrote: “Attention seeker stay in your lane bro.”

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