ChargeEV installs 2 CCS2 (up to 225 kW) Kempower DC chargers, 6 22 kW AC chargers at Berjaya Times Square –

ChargeEV has installed new DC and AC chargers at Berjaya Times Square, so EV owners in the KL city area have a new option to charge their EVs other than the Gentari Suria KLCC Cargo Center.

The DC charger is from Kempower, it can charge up to 2 EVs at the same time and supports up to 225 kW of power. It is located at the main entrance of Berjaya Times Square in the valet parking area. Pricing is per kWh instead of per time, and the trial (promotional) fee is currently RM1.20 per kWh.

The six 22 kW AC chargers are located in Basement 1 and cost RM0.80 per kWh for non-members and RM0.60 per kWh for ChargEV annual membership holders.

These promotional rates are valid until the end of April. In addition, ChargEV annual membership holders can enjoy discounts on Grande drinks at Starbucks at the Berjaya Times Square Main Entrance with each use of the AC (20% discount) or DC (50% discount) charger. This Starbucks offer is for the first 2 weeks.

Download the chargeEV app using the links below:

LINK: EV charging (Apple)
LINK: uploadEV (Google Play)

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