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With the upcoming release of Arenas, Sifu, Sloclap’s critically acclaimed action fighting game, will get a new expansion with a total of five game modes, nine arenas, and 45 challenges. Now that the Sifu Arenas DLC release date has been made public, it can be credited to the March 2023 Future Games Show.

On March 28, 2023, the Sifu Arenas expansion will be available on all platforms.

Since the DLC’s release window coincides with the game’s release date on Xbox and PC, everyone should be able to get in on the fun once it’s out to the majority of people.

Scenes from the highly praised fight that helped make the game so popular were included in the preview shown during the Future Games Showcase. Naturally, it also showed off many of the features that are planned to be available, including a time assault mode, a zone capture mode, and many more.

In Survival mode, players will face enemies that will control them to the limit, and Efficiency mode expects perfection. While in Time Assault mode, they must fight enemies while racing against the clock.

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Lastly, Manhunt mode challenges the participant to get rid of a particular target surrounded by defenders. In the new Seize mode, the player must take and hold a marked space and defend it against oncoming enemies.

Now that you’re aware of the Sifu Arenas DLC release date, you can finally sit down to quickly experience a more action-packed beat ’em up game. The arrival of the game on the Xbox and PC platforms must also be good news for the respective player bases that have been ready for some time.

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