Destiny 2: Lightfall update fixes invisible ward bug and lowers recommendations for ward ranks

A new patch for destiny 2 has been released and addresses a number of issues that have arisen since the beginning of the Lightfall expansion. One of the big changes in this update is an adjustment to the Guardian Ranks system, as Bungie has lowered the commendation score required to rank up according to your patch notes.

He number of commendation points needed it was criticized by the Destiny 2 community for being too high, with Bungie previously mentioning that it would be lowering the requirements to complete objectives at all Guardian Ranks. Players can no longer offer Commendations to others after a failed mission activity, so if you’ve been spawning in Wellspring with a fireteam and wiping out your squad with self-inflicted Rocket Launcher attacks, you won’t be able to farm Commendations. more extensive.

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Another big issue affecting Destiny 2 was an issue that caused wards to become invisible due to not being rendered correctly in-game, giving some players an unexpected advantage in PvP. This error, which resulted in a Iron Banner delayed this seasonit has now been fixed just in time for the return of this week’s Trials of Osiris multiplayer event.

For the new Strand subclass, a number of changes are being made here as well. The internal cooldown of Ascent Thread Fragment has been increased from two seconds to four seconds and detonations from Broodweaver’s Mindspun summon skin should now have an effect on Unstoppable champions.

For weapons, Bungie has made several adjustments to various firearms. The Lightfall versions of The Inquisitor and Mindbender’s Ambition Shotguns had the wrong magazine perks so these have been fixed, and Titans using the Exotic Synthoceps gauntlets will not deal the same level of bonus damage when wielding Glaives.

Also resolved an issue where the radiant effect was not increasing the damage of Strand weapons.

This update comes on the heels of a separate fix that was released recently, which tweaked other aspects of the game. The first such solution decreases your chances of spawning in a empty terminal overload eventand the second solution has adjusted the Duality dungeon to do farming for Artifice armor is less easy. For this week’s patch notes from Bungie, you can find them all below.

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seasonal activity

  • Made animation changes to the Data Collection boss encounter in The Variable Exotic quest that had the potential to cause issues with photosensitive players.

player journey

  • Increased drop rate of exotic armor in Legend and Master Lost Sectors when playing solo.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the “Vex Raid Countermeasures” weekly reward from resetting on idle.
  • Fixed an issue where players in their alternate characters were unable to progress through the Hall of Heroes intro quest after interacting with statues early.
  • Any player who has had this issue can now progress normally.

user interface/user experience

  • Made an adjustment to how the Return to Orbit option is triggered after completing a specific battleground.
  • The previous implementation allowed you to bypass end of mission cinematics when returning to orbit from the commendation screen.

gameplay and investment


  • Fixed an issue where some artifact mods would not correctly render anti-barrier abilities.
  • hunters: Fixed an issue where Volatile Rounds were not awarded when equipping the Gyrfalcon Hauberk Exotic Chest Armor, blocking Void Weapons from anti-barrier abilities.
  • Armor Scavenger Mod: Fixed an issue where Jotunn would gain an unintentional ammo boost, particularly in PvP, with the Solar Scavenger mod equipped on a player’s chest armor.
  • Put. The toaster. Below.


  • Fixed an issue where the Winterbite Exotic Glaive was dealing more damage than intended to targets.
  • titans: The Glaive melee damage bonus granted by Synthoceps Exotic gauntlets has been reduced against enemy combatants and wards.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lightfall versions of The Inquisitor and Mindbender’s Ambition Shotguns had the wrong magazine perks.
  • Fixed an issue where Grand Overture’s blinding effect would apply to other sources of splash damage.


  • Strand– Increased the internal cooldown of the Ascent Thread Fragment from two seconds to four seconds.
  • Strand: Fixed an issue where after a player latched on to a thrown Tangle, the Berserker’s Into the Fray skin would not trigger on further Tangle detonations.
  • Strand: Fixed an issue where the suspend detonation from Broodweaver’s Mindspun summon skin would not properly stun Unstoppable champions.
  • Solar: Fixed an issue where the Radiant effect would not increase the damage of Strand weapons.
  • Strand: Fixed an issue where the Thread of Generation Shard would stop working after a Silkstrike Super deactivate when the Shackle or Threadling Grenade was equipped.

Power and Progression

  • Guardian Ranks: To more even out the objectives of the ward ranks, we have lowered the commendation score required to complete the objectives in all ward ranks.
  • Guardian Ranks: Rank 8 targets require a difficulty of level 3 or higher.
  • Fixed an issue where only level 4 or higher would apply for rank progression.
  • praise: Players can no longer offer praise to others after a failed quest activity.


  • Fixed an issue where Guardians and their weapons would not display correctly, causing them to appear as “invisible” when in-game.
  • The Twitch Gift Sub Bounty now correctly appears on the Cryptarch.

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