Sons of the Forest gets a new update

A new update for children of the forest has been released. children of the forest it’s one of the biggest games of 2023, which is kind of amazing. Although no one expected it to be a small game by any means, it’s hard to say that anyone envisioned it to be a game that could crash steam or absolutely demolish the Steam charts. The forest it was a fairly respected survival game, but it was still part of a fairly crowded genre where all games were competing for players. However, children of the forest it managed to innovate in many ways by creating a much less clunky game that improves upon the foundation of its predecessor and even does away with some of the more tedious trademarks of the survival game genre altogether.

With all that said, children of the forest it’s not 100% perfect. However, the Endnight Games team has been working hard to make sure that it can improve the experience that players have with the game. Today, March 1st, Endnight Games released a small new update for children of the forest which improves a handful of minor issues with the game. You can see the patch notes for the game below.

  • Fix for flask hotkey removing flask when used.
  • Arms and legs will now be equipped instead of eaten when hotkeys are activated.
  • Fix for hotkey button label not fitting in inventory view for some buttons
  • Fixed hotkey icon showing first hotkey for all unassigned items
  • Fixed the Helldoor collider not blocking certain interactions.

It is also worth noting that children of the forest It’s still an Early Access game, which means it’s likely going to have a ton of issues that need to be worked out over time. We don’t know much about the big picture for children of the forestbut early access also means you’ll get big updates in the future that will greatly expand what the core of the game is.

children of the forest is available now at personal computer. What do you think of the game so far? Let me know in the comments or contact me at Twitter @Cade_Onder.


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