Video: Police Highway Patrol car rolling on bald tires, man claims

Less than five years after a fatal crash involving a police car with ‘bald’ tires, video surfaced of a Highway Patrol vehicle with supposedly unroadworthy tires.

A video has been posted online claiming to show unroadworthy rear tires on a police car.

The video, posted on social media, appears to show a man checking the rear tires of a Highway Patrol car in Victoria while at a traffic stop.

“The inside is bald as a baby’s butt, so your car is faulty,” he jokes to a police officer, who climbs to the ground to inspect the tires on the Highway Patrol car.

“So before you hand over defects, maybe check your own car,” he added.

Your comments infer that your own Ford Falcon received a defect notice after being pulled over.

investigations by Drive indicate that the 2020 BMW 530d is operated by the Greensborough Highway Patrol, although Victoria Police did not provide any comment on the incident.

Although not the first time, this is the most recent incident in which a police car was found to be operating on dangerous tires.

In June 2022, South Australia Police have been accused of hypocrisy after a motorcyclist pointed out a bald tire on a squad car, while his motorcycle was being delivered with a defect.

In May 2018, an ACT police vehicle was involved in a fatal accident, and investigations found that the Holden Commodore police car had poorly maintained brakes and three worn tires.

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