Renault Trafic delayed by up to six months amid urgent push for June deliveries

Wait times for a new Renault Trafic van are stretched to six months, however the Australian dealer is working with the factory to beat the fiscal year deadline of June 30.

Customers in line for a renault trafic van facing wait times of up to six months, amid stock shortages and production slowdowns plaguing most of the auto industry.

However, the Australian distributor of renault Vans says it is working overtime with the French factory to get a large allocation of vehicles to clear backorders before the end of the fiscal year.

Historically, the lead up to June 30 is the strongest sales month for utes and vans, as companies large and small upgrade their fleets for tax reasons.

While Renault Australia says there are pockets of traffic Pickup trucks available from some dealers in certain configurations, long wait times remain for crew versions and regular models with a ‘barn door’ tailgate.

“Every Renault Trafic van in the country is talked about, everything is allocated,” Renault Australia boss Glen Sealey said at a recent press conference.

“You might get lucky and find one of a handful of vehicles if you search, but the reality is that our most popular variants have lead times of up to six months.

“That being said, we are working very hard with the factory to reduce those wait times, clear as many backorders as we can, and get customers into their vehicles by June 30.

“We are waiting (to hear from the factory) about production now. If we get what we think we’re going to get, we think we’ll be able to deliver most of the cars by the end of June.”

Sales of the Renault Trafic fell 31 percent in Australia last year in an overall new car market that grew 3.0 percent.

However, the Renault vehicle dealer in Australia said severe stock shortages and shipping bottlenecks delayed deliveries, and the company has a “healthy” order bank.

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