Formula 1 car burned and broken by heavy accident will be exhibited

The car that was involved in one of the most terrifying Formula 1 accidents caught on camera, in which its driver Romain Grosjean drove away, will be part of a new exhibition in Spain.

The remains of a Formula One car that was destroyed in a fiery crash in 2020, one of the most gruesome incidents in the sport’s modern era, will go on display at an exhibition in Madrid next month.

Some corners in the Formula One Bahrain Grand Prix 2020Romain Grosjean’s Haas F1 car was hit by another competitor and sent into a metal barrier at over 220km/h.

Grosjean’s car split in half, exploding in a ball of fire as the Frenchman was trapped inside, wedged between the cab and the barrier he had driven through.

While the international television broadcast quickly cut off filming of the crash, fearing the worst outcome, multiple cameras remained focused on Grosjean and his destroyed car, capturing the aftermath of the impact.

Miraculously, Grosjean was able to escape a few seconds later with relatively minor burns to his hands and ankles, and his survival of the 67G impact was attributed to the ‘halo’ head protection device that has been mandatory on all Formula One cars since 2018. .

To give Formula One fans a better idea of ​​how Grosjean survived the fiery crash and the aftermath of the incident, the burned and broken Haas chassis will be on display in one of the halls of the upcoming ‘Formula One Exhibition’ in Madrid, Spain. .

The main attraction of the exhibition, which is scheduled to open on March 24, 2023, will be located in the ‘Survival Room’, which also includes Grosjean’s burned helmet and never-before-seen footage of the accident.

As previously reportedThe fifth season of ‘Drive to Survive’, the hit series filming behind the scenes of the Formula One championship, will be available to watch on Netflix in Australia this weekend, providing a look back at the 2022 season just weeks before the first race. of the 2023 season begins next month.

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