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Disney Dreamlight Valley lets you explore the magical world of Disney and build your dream neighborhood with famous Disney and Pixar characters in a life simulation adventure game. You’ll build friendships, complete quests, and gather to craft furniture and recipes as you play. As you gather materials and items throughout the game, you’ll need storage to hold it all! If you need to know how to get bigger chests and increase storage in Disney Dreamlight Valley, we have a guide for you!

How to get bigger chests and increase storage

To get bigger chests in Disney Dreamlight, you’ll want to craft a small, medium, or large chest, which are all recently added to the game and provide significantly better storage availability. Which one you create depends on what materials you already have or don’t mind growing.

Types of storage chests

The small trunk gives you 16 storage spaces, while the medium trunk doubles that and contains 32 storage spaces. The Large Chest, which is the largest currently in the game, has 48 storage slots. However, as you would expect, the bigger the chest, the more rare materials/materials you will need to craft them.

If you have a lot of softwood and stone, small chests are a good option. If you have a lot of hardwood and iron ingots, medium chests are great for material consumption, but have twice the space of small chests. Finally, large chests will require dark wood, which is a rarer material, along with gold bars.

That concludes our guide on how to get bigger chests in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Be sure to see more of our Disney Dreamlight Valley Coverage!

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