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Dave Shopland/Shutterstock; Courtesy of Priscilla Ono/Instagram

All eyes on the bad girl! Rihannamakeup artist priscilla ono wants the singer to shine like a diamond during her Super Bowl LVII halftime show.

“It’s a super iconic moment,” Ono, 38, who also works as a global makeup artist for Fenty Beauty, told Us Weekly exclusively ahead of the big game on Sunday, February 12. “When I thought about her glamour, I knew she wanted to create something that’s timeless, something we’ll all look back on and say, ‘Wow, that makeup would look good any time, any year.’ I don’t want anything too trendy, so that’s really what I have in mind about the look I’m going to do.”

Getting ready for the beat took a lot of preparation, Ono shared. “It takes weeks… at least like two or three weeks to prepare. I am present in every creative process because it gets my wheels turning and helps me start thinking about the look. I’m watching rehearsals. I’m looking at the lighting. I’m taking a look at the wardrobe.”

The beauty guru continued: “Glamour has always been the finishing touch.”

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Courtesy of Priscilla Ono/Instagram

Ono explained that during the last week of rehearsals she launched “ideas for makeup and even hair.” She shared that Rihanna is actively involved in the glam process as the 34-year-old “Umbrella” artist is “very interested in how her makeup looks with her hair.”

“It’s really fun to experiment and be able to prepare for something like this. I’m very proud of her. I feel like a proud mom,” Ono told Us.

The California native has been by Rihanna’s side for many of her big moments, including her appearance at the 80th Golden Globe Awards last month. She has also worked with bella hadid, Lato, Megan Thee stallion and Normani.

“The first thing I do before big presentations and red carpet moments is make sure my clients’ skin is healthy… It’s a lot of skin prep, exfoliation and hydration,” Ono said, adding: “ That’s the key to having a lasting look.” make up.”

In terms of products, the makeup expert goes for an effective primer and setting spray. “A good foundation will help your makeup stay as well as a good setting spray. It’s especially good when [Rihanna] or my other clients are acting”.

Ono also encouraged us to use more “powder.” She explained: “The powder will blur and soften, taking away the oil and shine.”

Like Rihanna, Ono is also in the midst of a career milestone, celebrating a new partnership with Secret Deodorant.

“This is such a full circle moment,” Ono told Us. “In fact, I have been using Secret Deodorant since I started using deodorant. I remember growing up with my grandmother, who is a first generation Mexican, and when she was about 12 years old, she used to put a stick of Secreto Deodorant in my backpack and that is a very important memory for me”. She continued: “She instilled this kind of be-prepared-for-anything mentality and even when I pack my makeup kits today, I always make sure to bring my Secret Deodorant.”

“I especially love the weightless dry spray in white peach. I can take it out at any time. I can pass it on to my assistants or anyone who needs it, as we often work such long days and it’s very easy to apply,” Ono shared.

She added: “I am really proud of this moment. Any moment that I can relate to my childhood and upbringing moves me. A couple of days ago, I went to my grandparents’ house and told them that I was working with Secret and my grandmother was like, ‘Really? Remember when she used to buy you that’, and I told her it’s the same story I tell everyone. I love that this relates to my roots. It keeps me humble and grounded.”

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