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Vampire Survivors is a shooter video game developed by Luca Galante. It features minimalist gameplay and rogue-lite elements where you move thousands of nocturnal creatures and survive until dawn. The game features different relics, which give specific bonuses to the game, making the game even better. If you need to know how to unlock Chaos Malachite in Vampire Survivors, check out our step by step guide!

How to unlock the Chaos Malachite

To unlock Chaos Malachite, you will go to the Bat Country challenge, and you will find that Chaos Malachite will appear at 18:00 in the Bat Country challenge, near the player inside a larger square of diamonds (see the green arrow to help you get there ); you can also unlock it by casting the “gottagofast” spell fast on Morbane’s Forbidden Scrolls. By unlocking this relic, Mortaccio can transform (into Goshadokuro) upon reaching level 80. This new relic was released in the Chaos Update (v.1.3.0).

Relics are items that unlock different game mechanics and features once they are obtained. Those features/mechanics will be permanently available afterwards. Relics can be used to unlock things like being able to peek at evolutions and unions in the pause menu to changing stage music to different modes. If there is a relic available in a scenario, you will see it indicated by a green arrow!

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